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MyAPS Portal and what it can do for you

Tip of the Month

In April 2009, APS introduced to you, our new call logging and knowledge base portal. We heard your calls, we listened to your requests – and it finally came – the MyAPS Portal.

MyAPS Portal is a key componentthat helpsthe APS support team provide you answers to your support queries quicker and easier. It also providesa knowledge base for you to search known issues and resolutions to common issues experienced.

What is MyAPS Portal?

MyAPS is an integrated, user friendly call logging and knowledge base system, that is accessed through an online portal designed and created specially for you and your firm.

As well as providing useful tools and functionalities, MyAPS provides an easy process for you to log, monitor and analyse calls for your firm. Additionally, MyAPS can be utilised for logging and tracking other service requests, such as, enhancement, consulting and training.

What is MyAPS Knowledge Base?

MyAPS Knowledge Base is a database which contains a wealth of information on APS products, processes and known issues - all in the form of articles and FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions).

If you need an answer for a "How To" question (e.g How to add a client in PM?), or perhaps you'd simply like to know what other users are asking our support staff, MyAPS Knowledge Base can answer your questions.

Who can access the MyAPS Knowledge?

Your firm's nominated MyAPS contacts have direct access to MyAPS Knowledge Base by simply logging into MyAPS Portal. Other staff members can access the system via the Guest Login area.

For more information, please contact Renne Daw on (02) 9965 1340 or alternatively renned@aps-advance.com