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Sensormatic SuperTag to the rescue

Bringing a new level of protection to high value, high-risk items, ADT Security has introduced the Sensormatic® Alarming SuperTag® range.

Ideal for apparel, consumer electronics, sporting goods and hardware, the new tags integrate Sensormatic Ultra Max EAS (electronic article surveillance) technology with alarm capabilities to protect merchandise from theft, anywhere in the store.

There are two tags in the Alarming SuperTag range - 2 tone (2T) and 3 tone (3T) - each with a tack and lanyard version to expand the range of products on which they can be applied. Both tags emit an audible alarm in the event of unauthorised attempts to remove the tack or cut the lanyard as well as when tagged merchandise enters the detection field. A further benefit of the 3T tag is that the tag continues to alarm when the protected merchandise is removed from the store.

To ensure store personnel are alerted, both tags also activate the store’s Ultra Max detection system and feature a discreet LED light which flashes to alert customers that the merchandise is armed.

Weighing almost 50% less than its key competitor, the Alarming SuperTag has the same low-profile appearance and security features offered by other tags in the Sensormatic SuperTag family. Compatible with SuperTag detachers, the Alarming SuperTag seamlessly integrates with the existing portfolio.

“Whether merchandise is taken into dressing rooms, hidden behind large displays or taken to other hard to see areas within a store, Alarming SuperTag provides retailers with additional peace of mind while allowing them to openly display high-value, high-risk items,” said Phil Brown, National Retail Manager, ADT Security Australia.

The Sensormatic Alarming SuperTag range is now available by contacting-
NSW/VIC/ACT/TAS: (02) 9947 7043
QLD/NT: (02) 3318 6974

SA/WA: (08) 9479 2839

For further information on ADT Security'sportfolio of loss prevention solutions for retail businesses visit www.adtsecurity.com.au.


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