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Procute Grinders

It’s a fact that 80% of flavour is really aroma, and to get the most aroma from spices and seeds its best to grind them fresh.

That's easy with the NEW Chroma ProCuTe pepper & spice Grinders. These uber modern and unique grinders – with Titanium Cutters - are the epitome of strength and elegance.

Following several years of development by CHROMA Knives (manufacturer of Porsche Knives) one of the world's leading knife manufacturers, the ProCuTe (Professional Cutting Technology) range of grinders were designed and developed by the Acanthus design team from Germany.

Each Chroma ProCuTe Titanium Grade Peppermill is a tough and stylish spice cutter, equipped with the most sophisticated and modern Titanium2 cutting gear available on the market.

Combining the advantages of metal and ceramic crushing gears, the ProCuTe features state of the art Titanium technology which allows you to grind your pepper to the perfect degree every time.

Not only are the titanium gears tough, but they are also corrosion free, taste neutral, anti-allergenic and ecologically sound.

Chroma range of 4 distinct ProCuTe grinders are characterised by high quality workmanship, materials and superior design so if you love fresh ground spices, are serious about cooking and love unique things you will enjoy these superior grinders.

Price: RRP: $135.00 - $175.00