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CXC Global acquires Large Scale Systems.

CXC adds data virtualisation to its product suite.

CXC Global Services Limited Asia (CXC Global ) today announced the acquisition of Large Scale Systems Pty Ltd (LSS). Large Scale Systems is a Hong Kong based software company providing specialised data integration products and services within the manufacturing and human capital management market.

The acquisition of Large Scale Systems enables CXC Global to add further data integration services and support that directly compliments the recent acquisition of the Payfields software from Mindkey Asia. Large Scale Systems currently distributes its products and services via partners across the Americas, Africa and Australasia.

The acquisition will increase reach for Large Scale Systems, and the data virtualisation platform it has developed, while enabling CXC Global to offer increased Human Capital Management services through its offices globally.

As a proven data integration technique, Data Virtualisation is being increasingly adopted by enterprises and government agencies to complement their earlier data consolidation and synchronisation investments.

Data Virtualisation presents information from various sources as a virtual service, providing a single access point to help manage and view all enterprise data (regardless of data source or physical location). Data virtualisation promotes the concept of creating a data foundation that all potential consumers can build upon, including developers, data miners, management and other traditional users of business data.

The Large Scale Systems product suite enables integration across hundreds of data platforms, including traditional database management systems, text-based content such as spreadsheets and XML files, application API’s, Web Services and hardware devices. The result is a virtual relational database that can be queried using standard ANSI SQL, or navigated using the supplied Microsoft SharePoint Web Parts which includes dash-boarding, data browsing and real-time OLAP Cube components.

Both CXC and Large Scale Systems see the Asian HR Services market maturing with clients looking for more overlap with Technology and Service. They believe integration between backend systems is a key component for increasing the return on investment and lowering overall operating costs.

The union of CXC’s and Large Scale Systems’ technology, industry and local knowledge along with their global reach adds further to an already compelling offering for customers of all sizes.

“The flexibility and scalability of the platform gives enormous power at a fraction of the cost of rival systems,” commented Dave Thomas Chairman of CXC Global, “This investment will enable us to streamline our service offering and add increased value to clients.”

Gideon Vos, Managing Director of Large Scale Systems commented, “Large Scale Systems offers a cost-effective integration solution to the traditional problems of integrating multiple backend systems. Our expert knowledge of the Human Capital Management space allows us to deliver a targeted integration platform to customers needing to integrate disparate HR, Payroll, Time and Attendance and ERP systems from multiple vendors. This merger allows us to offer a total solution in the HR space and add the increased value that clients are looking for. “



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About Large Scale Systems

Large Scale Systems is a private company, based in Hong Kong SAR, providing specialised data virtualisation software using its patended integration platform. Large Scale Systems currently distributes its products and services across Australasia, the Americas and Africa. Visit www.largescalesystems.com for more information.