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Remesys wins two awards at the 2010 Australian Business Awards

Sydney Australia, August 2010. Remesys, a specialist Human Resources software and consulting company, has won the 2010 Australian Business Award for Innovation in its industry and 2010 Australian Business Award for Best Business Product.

The Australian Business Awards are a national program honouring organisations that demonstrate the core values of business excellence, product excellence, sustainability and commercial success in their respective industries.

Remesys won the awards for their flagship remuneration review software solution, R.Review. R.Review is a web based solution that automates the salary review process, providing an alternative to the cumbersome spreadsheet-based approach that many organisations are currently using to complete their reviews.

Remesys have had significant success in the Australian market moving from development of R.Review in 2005, to achieving market leadership in the remuneration software field in 2010.

The Company is an Australian success story starting out with a vision to change the way organisations approach salary reviews, a critical Human Resource (HR) function. Remesys recognised the significant impact of the salary review process on an organisation’s bottom line, including the time and effort being wasted by organisations and the frustrations encountered using spreadsheet-based solutions.

A number of organisations have now adopted R.Review. These organisations include AGL, Aon, Bupa, Canon, Ericsson, Leighton Contractors, Mitsubishi Australia, Oz Minerals, Pacific Brands, Perpetual, Pitcher Partners, QBE, Thales and United Group.

These organisations have attained significant benefits from using the software. One of the key benefits is that the system enables the HR team to focus on value-add activities rather than menial tasks. According to Glenn Cotterill, Reward and Recognition Manager at Canon Australia, “a material amount of time was saved by R.Review. The system allowed us to provide additional value-add to the business during the review and reduced the number of late nights, previously considered a necessary evil of a company’s review process”.

Pitcher Partners had a similar experience. According to Elizabeth Nunez, Director of Human Resources at Pitcher Partners, “the implementation of R.Review transformed efficiency of the salary and incentive review process, giving the process greater creditability in the eyes of the business and allowing the human resources team to improve their response times, service levels and value-add”.

The solution saves organisations significant time and reduces errors. “AGL used Excel spreadsheets previously for the remuneration review process which were time consuming to create and deliver to the business and prone to data errors. After the introduction of R.Review we were able to significantly decrease preparation time and data error issues. The business has appreciated the change and the professionalism of the system,” states Michael Ziegler, Head of Remuneration at AGL.

“Not only did R.Review address the key areas that we had identified for improvement in our review process, but extra software features, such as generated recommendations and automated letter production, were highly beneficial and were well received by our managers”, adds Colin Pritchard, Performance and Reward Manager at Ericsson.