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Oxfam Trading Pty Ltd based in Athol Park South Australia engages Star Business Solutions to service all of their Greentree Business Management & Accounting Software support and consulting requirements.

Greentree Business Management & Accounting Software assists Not For Proift Organisations.

Star Business Solutions (Star) is proud to announce that Oxfam Trading Pty Ltd [Oxfam Shop]based in Athol Park South Australia has engaged Star to service all of their Greentree Business Management & Accounting Software support and consulting requirements.

Oxfam Shop is a passionate supporter of fair trade, working with more than 60 fair trade organisations around the world, which together support thousands of producers including Indigenous Australians. Through fair trade, Oxfam Shop is part of a global movement calling for an end to unfair trade practices. Fair trade empowers disadvantaged communities by paying them fair and stable prices for their work, helping them to gain the skills they need to develop their business, and giving them access to world markets.

Oxfam Shop is registered as a Fair Trade Organisation by the World Fair Trade Association (WFTO) and shares its goals:

  • Commitment to fair trade

  • Transparency in business practices

  • Ethical workplaces

  • Equal employment opportunities

  • Concern for people and the environment

  • Education about and advocacy of fair trade.

Oxfam Shop has fair trade tea, coffee, cocoa, and chocolate, as well as unique, hand-crafted fair trade homewares and other gifts from around the world.

Oxfam Shop assists artisans with product development and commercial skills so they can become self-reliant in a wider market. Instead of sending a design to a supplier and telling them to make it, Oxfam Shop asks what producers can do and then works with them to develop these products. Oxfam Shop can pay as much as 50% of the order value in advance to groups that require capital. Also, Oxfam Shop enters ongoing relationships with producers, rather than just making one-off purchases.

Oxfam’s Shops strive to ensure that producers are not exploited and are sensitive to their cultural, religious and artistic traditions and beliefs. Aboriginal artists receive royalties for any artwork used in Oxfam Shop cards and calendars. Oxfam is committed to reconciliation, learning from the past and finding fair ways of coexisting and ensuring the rights of Indigenous Australians are upheld.

Oxfam cares for the environment by supporting the use of recycled or recyclable materials wherever possible, and try to keep packaging to an effective minimum. They condemn children working if it is in any way exploitative or detrimental to the child's health or education.

Oxfam Australia began as Community Aid Abroad more than 50 years ago but its present name enables it to share in a profile that is recognised around the world. Oxfam Shop is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oxfam Australia and although Oxfam Shop operates in a fiercely competitive retail environment it is a non-profit organisation: any surplus generated goes towards further development and the work of Oxfam Australia in alleviating poverty and injustice worldwide.

Star [http://www.StarBusinessSolutions.com.au] is a market leading organisation in business management software solutions with offices inMelbourne, Sydney,Canberra and Adelaide. Star believesthat their business solution software partner, Greentree, is the best locally developed integrated business management & accounting software package in the market with ERP, Financials, Distribution, Job Costing, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, CRM, HR/Payroll, eCommerce, Report Writer, Workflow and Business Process Management. Star’s goal is to provide services and solutions that constitute clear, measurable value which will validate each client’s choice to partner with them.

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