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WebView Module is now available for Greentree Business Management and Accounting Software

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An exciting new Module is now available for Greentree Business Management and Accounting Software.

The WebView module is the latest release from Greentree. Managing business effectively demands a clear understanding of the full picture, all the time. Inadequate systems and controls create problems that make the difference between succeeding and failing in today’s challenging, fast-paced markets. WebView is a new Greentree module which will enable customers to create their own browser-based enquiries for staff, suppliers or customers to use through any Web Browser (IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox). Access can be achieved using your iPhone or iPad. It is so easy to use that training for a WebView user is minimal. Key benefit of using WebView includes:

  • Access your systems’ information from anywhere
  • Integrated real-time information
  • Organisation-wide productivity improvements
  • You staff are in control
  • Proactive partner relationships
  • Improved business relationships
  • Drill down to your business detail from anywhere

The WebView module firstly enables users and customers to access queries by selecting criteria and viewing the results directly in real time from the Greentree database. Secondly, the WebView enables you to use a free-format screen designer to layout a web screen and display reports directly on the web with full drill down capabilities (security permitting).

Additional application of WebView includes:

  1. The ability to download WebView reports and queries to Excel.
  2. The Customers are able to print or reprint their invoices
  3. Purchase Orders and order forms can also be printed

This new module is idea for a Business’s staff who are involved in Warehousing, Field Sales & Service. Being able to access information away from the office, be it in the warehouse or on the road with customers makes doing business more efficient and helps reduce costs.

WebView can come with a “Financial Reporting Module” that will enable the Greentree Software to provide summarised financial reports on the web. These Financial reports are based on the trees defined in Greentree with the appropriate security applied, so users can only see what they are permitted to analyse on-line.

Greentree is modular, with all business functions totally integrated. This provides you with a wide variety of modules and sub-modules that afford options rarely found in other packages. You purchase the pieces that you need, effectively matching the system to fit your business. Choose from: Financials, Job Costing, Supply Chain & Distribution, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Service & Asset Management, Business Intelligence, Retail, Workflow-Business Process Management and eBusiness.

Greentree is a solution, readily adapting across a broad range of industries and business types. Businesses are provided with a powerful, extremely cost-effective system that has consistently proven itself capable of managing change and growing business potential. With simple, smart thinking at your fingertips, Greentree provides the ultimate seamless business building environment. Exploit its accuracy in business metrics, challenge its capability to deliver empowering information. Rely on the one highly responsive solution to efficiently streamline your internal processes resulting in increased manageability and productivity across all areas of your enterprise.

What’s the difference to any other software solution? Greentree is the most responsive business software product available, providing a source of competitive advantage to help you drive your business to the next level!

Star [http://www.StarBusinessSolutions.com.au] is a market leading organisation in business management software solutions with offices inMelbourne, Sydney,Canberra and Adelaide. Star believesthat their business solution software partner, Greentree, is the best locally developed integrated business management & accounting software package in the market with ERP, Financials, Distribution, Job Costing, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, CRM, HR/Payroll, eCommerce, Report Writer, Workflow and Business Process Management. Star’s goal is to provide services and solutions that constitute clear, measurable value which will validate each client’s choice to partner with them.

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