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Invest in your health!

We all know saying that health is wealth but have we invested in our health as if it were wealth?

We all know saying that health is wealth but have we invested in our health as if it were wealth?

In today’s fast paced modern world, time frankly means money. It is a given that engaging any competent, and certified, Personal Trainer to handle your fitness is expensive. Few people, however, have wondered about what goes into developing a fitness program tailored to an individual. Most people fixate on and are frozen by the price tag so they miss out on what is really a great opportunity.

Good Personal Trainers, the Personal Trainer from Executive Results Brisbane are an example, when meeting a potential client they begin evaluating that persons overall fitness. They then move to reconciling that level with the client’s fitness goals and think up training techniques and possible training routines that would be interesting to the client. Part of this analysis would be any health problems this person has and the ways it would limit the training program, diet for instance. This is actually the easy part as all the pertinent data is readily obtained from the client or the client’s health care provider. Also, coming up with a good program based on this is what Personal Trainers are trained to do. The hard part would be keeping your morale up and your interest keen until you fulfil your specified goal.


Now, what if you had to do all this by yourself? Think of the amount of time you would be using up just understanding your level of fitness and your health issues. Your fitness program would also be a cobbled together, trial and error Frankenstein, “trying out something tried and tested” and seeing if it suits you is actually the same thing. This is like playing Russian roulette with your health. The only difference is that you suffer the consequences when you are old and gray, sometimes even before you are old and gray.

Cheap Personal Trainers are not an option either. Why would you spend money on and time with someone who did not spend the amount of time and resources good Fitness Trainers did to get their credentials and training? For instance, all Personal Trainers Brisbane have Certificate IV in Fitness. This means that they invested time and money in order to learn things like training & nutrition, the symptomatology and diagnosis of sports injuries, and sports psychology among others. This makes them a good investment for you.