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Greentree Mobility

Star Business Solutions - Helping Business use Greentree Business Management & Accounting Software

Greentree Mobile - what's in storeGreentree Mobile - what's in store

Imagine the lift to your business if you could:

1. Improve the speed and accuracy of Inventory management activities such as picking, transfers, adjustments and inventory counts.

2. Empower mobile sales representatives working directly with customers to provide quotations and accept orders on the spot and have these immediately arrive for your order processing team to deliver there and then. No delays, faxes, emails and keying again.

3. Collapse time to dispatch field service tasks to mobile service techs, instantly record time and parts used, plus get customer sign off. No more disputes, faster invoicing which all stands to increase accuracy of costs and reduce cash collection times.

It is not too late to get into the Mobileprogram, it is definitely worth it!Contact Star Business Solutions:

NSW & ACT: Ken Dodds KenD@star.cd 0413 676 721
VIC: Ian Dunne IanD@star.cd 0411 690 201
SA: Bob ScarceBobS@star.cd0411 420 202

Trish Hall
Chief Executive Office
Star Business Solutions
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