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DMS Maritime: Major Defence Service Provider

DMS Maritime Pty Limited has been awarded the Commonwealth’s Fleet Marine Services Contract for the Royal Australian Navy worth over S500M.

Under the contract, DMS Maritime will deliver an expanded range of maritime services to Navy. A joint venture between service giant, Serco Australia and global maritime solutions provider, P&O Maritime Services, DMS Maritime was incorporated in 1997 to deliver Navy’s Port Services and Support Craft Contract. Under this contract, DMS Maritime has been providing port and fleet services, support craft operations and maintenance to Navy for over a decade. The Fleet Marine Services Contract will supersede the Port Services and Support Craft Contract as the mechanism for outsourcing the Navy’s national fleet support needs on 1 Oct 2010.

“The Royal Australian Navy needs strong and reliable support,” said Commodore Support CDRE Michael Van Balen. “DMS Maritime is a proven partner to Defence and I have every confidence in the company’s ongoing provision of the right support over the coming decade.”

DMS Maritime is Australia’s largest maritime services provider and the ninth largest defence company in the country. “Our capabilities position DMS Maritime as a ‘force multiplier’ to the Australian Defence Forces,” said CEO, Greg Hodge. “Our expertise recommends us as a strategic partner, not only to Navy, but to a varied portfolio of commercial and Commonwealth customers in the offshore and onshore maritime industries.”

Noting DMS Maritime’s 12-year record in supporting Navy’s maritime capability, DMS Maritime Board Chairman, John Lord, expressed the shareholders’ satisfaction in winning Navy’s continuing business. “We are keen to be entrusted with future service delivery to Navy and proud to serve a role as an enabler to Navy in safeguarding Australia’s national interests.”

Mark Todd, DMS Maritime’s Project Director for Fleet Marine Services, said, “The Fleet Marine Services Contract will modernise engineering and ILS systems while supporting vessel operations and maintenance, training, port services, in-service support, integrated logistics and marine project management and vessel build and modification.”

17 September 2010