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engin Introduces Low Cost Calls From iPhones With New engin2go Mobile VoIP App

The engin2go app gives iPhone users with an engin home VoIP plan immediate access to that plan’s services and consistently low rates to save wherever they are

engin (ASX:ENG) is once again leading the way for consumers in the Australian VoIP market to maximise use of their telecommunications plans and functionality with the launch of its engin2go™ Mobile VoIP App for iPhone users. This innovative extension to engin’s home VoIP service plans allows customers to make calls on their iPhone at the same call rates and inclusions as their existing engin plan, and optionally receive calls made to their engin home number on their iPhone, even when travelling.

The launch of this latest cost saving offering from engin sees the engin2go Mobile VoIP App further extend the functionality of iPhones and the value from engin’s already highly competitive VoIP home plans.

The engin2go App gives iPhone users with an engin home VoIP plan immediate access to that plan’s services and consistently low rates which can include unlimited and untimed local and national calls and low mobile rates.

Graeme Dollar, Chief Operating Officer for engin, said: “By using the engin2go App and switching the bulk of their mobile calls to an engin home VoIP plan, customers can drop their mobile plans to a lower cap and save hundreds of dollars each year.”

How it works

The engin2go Mobile VoIP app is available from the iTunes App store. Once installed, calls can be made using the iPhone’s existing 3G data coverage or a WiFi enabled access point.

Access to functionality

This innovative package ensures customers can maximise their use of engin’s proven telephony services.  The engin2go Mobile VoIP App includes the ability to have call features such as Conferencing, Voicemail as Email, Caller ID and Call Waiting automatically available on the iPhone, at no extra charge.

How to switch to engin2go

To take advantage of the offer, engin customers can simply download the engin2go Mobile VoIP for iPhone App from iTunes and activate the service for a one-time charge of $4.95 and a $1.95 monthly service fee. 

New customers need to sign up for an engin home VoIP service and then download the App.

“engin2go is an exciting bonus for our home market. With iPhones already accounting for some 10 percent of the mobile market in Australia and growing rapidly, we believe this new offer from engin will be very popular with our customers who are keen to maximise their use of telecoms functionality and their plans,” Dollar said.

Visit engin2go at http://www.engin.com.au/engin2go

About engin Limited - www.engin.com.au

engin is an Australian owned and operated telecommunications network listed on the Australian stock exchange (ASX:ENG).

The engin service delivers Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony services. Any broadband user is able to make and receive calls using their existing telephone handset. VoIP sends voice signals over the internet, rather than through the regular telephone network. The advantage of this technology is significantly reduced local, mobile and international call rates.

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