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BigTinCan showcases apps for BlackBerry OS6 at BlackBerry Torch Launch

Leading Aussie developer showcases apps for new BlackBerry OS6, at Australian release of BlackBerry Torch

Leading Australian developer BigTinCan has showcasedthree new applications designed to take advantage of the features of the amazing new BlackBerry Torchsmartphone and BlackBerry OS6, at last night's BlackBerry Torch launch event in Sydney.

“We are really excited to be amongst the first Australian developers to deliver these exciting new apps on the BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry OS6”, said David Keane, CEO of BigTinCan, “the new features and capabilities of the Torch and OS6 allow a far greater range of development opportunities than ever before”.

The three apps: BigTinCan BuzzMe, BigTinCan FaceOff, and Harper's Bazaar for BlackBerry leverage new features available to developers taking advantage of BlackBerry OS6 and the new BlackBerry Torch.

BigTinCan BuzzMeused by millions of people worldwide now includes support for the Torch and BlackBerry OS6 including the new BlackBerry Social App - now you can use BuzzMe to get BuzzMe Disco lights and vibration control on over 20 BlackBerry service. BuzzMe v2.9 is available now on BlackBerry App World and other leading app stores. BuzzMe is available in three versions - FREE Edition, Pro Edition US$1.99 and Premium Edition for US$4.99.

Harpers Bazaar for BlackBerry - BigTinCan has re-engineered the Harpers Bazaar app to deliver a unique environment, specifically forthe Torch and BlackBerry OS6,for followers of Australia’s leading fashion magazine. The new version takes advantage of the Torch touch interface and adds supports for BlackBerry SuperApp features like adding events directly into the calendar, Push messaging, side loading of content and other SuperAp features.Harpers Bazaar for OS6 and the Torch will be available by end October on BlackBerry AppWorld. Harpers Bazaar is a free app on BlackBerry AppWorld

BigTinCan FaceOff - BigTinCan FaceOff is a unique app for the BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry Storm. FaceOff lets you control your ringtone and vibration on thedevice by simply changing the orientation of your phone. Set the phone “face off” and you can have no ringtone and vibration, and then set the phone face up and you can have a unique ringtone. FaceOff now supports the Torch and OS6 and includes a “white list” of numbers that will ring even when your phone is set face off. FaceOff for the Torch is available soon on BlackBerry AppWorld for US$4.99

Existing BuzzMe, FaceOff and Harpers Bazaar users will receive free upgrades to the new versions.

For more information, please contact Robert Leigo on +61402166910, or email robert.leigo@bigtincan.com. or visit www.bigtincan.com