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MediaConnect launches Activity Stream PR workflow tool

MediaConnect has achieved a leap forward in helping PR professionals track their media interactions and manage their workflows, with the launch of its Activity Stream and Tasks  modules.

“PR workflow processes that are rooted in spreadsheets and email folders, prevent PR professionals from achieving the productivity gains that free their time to venture into new activities like social media and content creation,” said MediaConnect Chief Executive Officer, Phil Sim.

“However, traditional CRM-style solutions, even if they are tailored for the PR community, are too difficult to use and have not been embraced by the PR community.”

MediaConnect’s Activity Stream is a free new module available to all MediaConnect subscribers, that is modelled on popular social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter, which are highly familiar to almost all PR professionals.

“Most PR pros have never, and will never master CRM-style tools. Now they don’t have to. If you can update your Facebook status, you’ve already mastered the MediaConnect Activity Stream,” Sim said.

MediaConnect will progressively integrate any component of a PR professional’s workflow into the Activity Stream, giving them real-time visibility of what their peers are doing, what the media is doing, what coverage they are receiving and what success their campaigns and press releases are having.

The Activity Stream is tightly integrated with another new MediaConnect module, Tasks, allowing teams to have full awareness and accountability of the tasks they have been assigned.

Email and Twitter have also been tightly integrated into the Activity Stream, making it simple to share emails and tweets with just the click of a button.

“Too many PR teams either do a really bad job of sharing information or they flood every body’s inbox with carbon copied emails. With the MediaConnect Activity Stream, PR professionals can at the same time reduce the load on their inboxes, while increasing the amount of information shared and collaborated on.”

The launch of MediaConnect Activity Stream comes as MediaConnect prepares to launch its first general media product to the Australian market. Traditionally, serving the PR professionals and journalists in the technology sector, MediaConnect’s general media offering will be targeted at all PR professionals in Australia.

“We’ve deliberately rolled this out to our existing customer base initially, so as to get the benefit of their feedback and advice, but this is exactly why we think we’re going to have a very compelling offering to all Australian PR professionals because our software and tools functionality is streets ahead of any competitive service sold from this country,” Sim said.

MediaConnect operates a dual-community model, offering versions of its service and software to both the PR and journalist communities. The Activity Stream module will also be integrated into the journalist portal over the next 3 months.

About MediaConnect Australia

MediaConnect Australia aims to be the world’s most innovative provider of solutions to the Public Relations and Journalist communities. It’s dual-community model has enabled it to successfully link the workflows of both the journalist and PR communities, making members of both communities more successful and productive. It’s Influencing suite of tools and service leads the world for ease-of-use, usability and value-for-money.