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Canon announces winner of EOS 6th Brief photo contest

Canon’s newest contest to broaden the community of photo enthusiasts

Sydney, 15 December 2010: Canon Australia announced the winner of its 6th Brief photography competition on Channel 9’s Today Show on Saturday. Viewers wanting to participate were tasked with capturing a creative image with only one requirement – it had to feature an egg.

Following the successful conclusion of the EOS Photo5 contest – which has 5 unique briefs to challenge photographers – Canon created the 6th Brief to offer budding photographers another opportunity to challenge their creativity.

The collaboration with Channel 9’s Today Show Weekend enabled Canon to engage a broader audience of photographers. The judging panel consisted of Eugene Tan, professional photographer and owner of Aquabumps, Cameron Williams, host of the Today Show Weekend and Chris Macleod, Brand Manager – EOS, Canon Australia.

With over 700 entries, the wide range of 6th Brief subjects included: brilliant blue insect eggs on a green leaf, a perfect white and pink meringue, a shark egg and even a tribute to Salvador Dali's most famous painting – “The Persistence of Memory”.

“Initially, I wasn't going to enter the competition because I didn't feel my level of photography was yet where I wanted it to be, but thankfully a friend encouraged me to enter,” says Gemma Higgs, winner of the 6th Brief contest. “This experience has given me the confidence and inspiration to really pursue something that I’ve always loved. I encourage anyone who is interested in photography to explore the World of EOS and to get involved in the various competitions that Canon runs.”

“Canon created the World of EOS to encourage people to take their photography to the next level, by providing a forum where photographers can learn not just from Canon but from each other, and get creative,” said Macleod. “To spark this creativity, Canon regularly runs contests like EOS Photo5 and 6th Brief and each year, we are finding more and more people are inspired to contribute.”

EOS Photo5 and World of EOS challenges

Canon is already planning an exciting new set of briefs for EOS Photo5 2011, which will be open to all amateur photographers in Australia and New Zealand.

Throughout the year, Canon’s World of EOS offers photography enthusiasts fresh video tutorials by master photographers and the opportunity to participate in EOS 1wall and EOS photochains, both of which provide ongoing exercises for those looking to develop their abilities and creative potential.

About EOS Photo5

Fostering creativity, EOS Photo5 inspires enthusiast digital SLR photographers by challenging their way of thinking and encouraging them to push the boundaries of photographic excellence. Participants receive a box with four everyday objects in it and are challenged with not just shooting the EOS Photo5 object, but also incorporating a specific creative photography technique into their shot, taking their photography to a new level. There is also a ‘sound brief’ which makes up the fifth challenge, which features a recording that inspired a wide array of images.