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A Fashionable Freakshow from Head to Toe

The recent Zsaneta Couture fashion show at Maia in Docklands, Melbourne on November 14 brought together a fresh and dynamic team that wowed audience and media alike.

This show was such a success plans are already underway for a series of shows in 2011 to coincide with Loreal Melbourne Fashion week and Melbourne Spring Fashion week.

Designers Zsaneta Couture, Victoria St John, ARON, Denise SL Spalk, Ebony Kay and Andrea Agosta made up this vibrant team.

These talented fashion and jewellery designers and a make up artist combined their efforts to produce a polished and professional fashion show, which drew attention from all quarters in the industry.

The Zsaneta Couture Fashion Show promoted new Melbourne brands and superior new talent, where all items are individually handcrafted with the vision of empowering the wearer and letting their attitude shine, so they stand out from head to toe.

Fashion designers Zsaneta Couture, ARON and Denise SL Spalk aimed to attract affluent fashion lovers with their individual styles and promoted their handmade clothing as a form of artwork.

Zsaneta Couture reaches the elite and flamboyant, with a romantic yet contemporary collection that can be tailored to everyone’s needs for any particular occasion. This label has been invited to be part of the upcoming Macedonian Fashion Week in 2011.

Exquisite handcrafted jewellery by Victoria St John was showcased throughout the Zsaneta Couture Fashion Show. Victoria regards her jewellery as an art form saying, “it has the power to create moods and reflect individuality. My designs are unique couture statement pieces, which are fashionable, fun and compliment today’s trends”.

Aron Katona from ARON hopes that those who choose to wear his custom design pieces, “can feel as empowered in them as they were intended to make them feel”. Clothing shown through his “Freakshow” segment was as distinctive as a masterpiece on the walls of an art gallery.

Denise SL Spalk believes, “a dress means so much to the wearer, so why not make it the best it can be and make yourself feel amazing”. Her designs are unique and elegant pieces, therefore not available to the mass market.

Award-winning make up artist Ebony Kay, who was recently awarded second place in the International Market Trade Show, successfully replicated her Alice in Wonderland inspired look for the Zsaneta Couture Fashion Show. Ebony specialises in creative, fantasy and catwalk make up.

Andrea Agosta specialises in jewellery crafted for bridal, red carpet and glamour events. Jewellery lovers are drawn to her designs because she uses the world’s finest crystal, Crystallised Swarovski Elements.

For more information on these new designers on the block involved in the Zsaneta Couture Fashion Show please visit:

Zsaneta Couture
Twitter: @zsaneta.com

Victoria St John
Facebook Business Page “Victoria St John” http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000892146580&ref=ts

Facebook Business Page “ARON” http://www.facebook.com/pages/ARON/135903413113000?ref=ts

Denise SL Spalk
Facebook Business Page “Denise SL Spalk” http://www.facebook.com/pages/Denise-SL-Spalk/238236782957?ref=ts

Ebony Kay
Facebook Business Page “Ebony Kay” http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ebony-Kay-Makeup-Artist/103846136317920?ref=ts

Andrea Agosta