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Lady Comp and Baby Comp Enter the Australian Market.

“Birth Control with the Lady-Comp fertility monitor is currently the most advanced natural fertilitymanagement devise in the world,” said Tracey Vale – Spokesperson, Lady Comp Australia.

“Birth control with Lady Comp focuses mainly on the long-term health and well-being of the woman.
“Lady Comp is programmed with all available natural family planning research data,” she said.
Vale goes on to say “The computer uses biomathematical forecasting calculations as well as the very latest computer techniques. Lady Comp contains the first medical expertise to help provide safe, reliable and natural birth control.
“The fertile and infertile days can be determined without any bothersome or harmful interventions in the body's natural functions. Many women suffer from side-effects of the birth control pill. Lady-Comp offers Contraception without drugs or side-effects,” Vale stated.
The devise is easy to use and takes 30 seconds. First of all the temperature is taken and then information about the menstrual dates is requested. This information is evaluated and is compared with more than 700,000 cycles. Next, a diagnosis is made regarding the fertility of the next 24 hours (and the following six days). The reliability of this diagnosis has been confirmed in many clinical tests.
All that is needed is to press one button a day and to take temperature orally with the computer’s thermal sensor. The time required each day is only 30 seconds/day.
LadyComp is not only a safe, reliable and natural birth control but also quick and easy to operate.
The product is 99.3 percent reliable (Based on independent clinical studies) and FDA approved.