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Lowrie Construction expands capacity in WA

Switch Room Capacity increases

FURTHER EXPANSION: In line with our growing order book, LowrieConstructions continues to upgrade and expand the capacity and capability of our Perth-based fabrication and construction areas, and in March will move our Maddington headquarters into our modern new premises nearby, delivering a total footprint of 41,000 squares metres on our two Maddington sites. The expansion comes at a time Lowrie has secured a second major contract for Papua New Guinea’s LNG project, reflecting our excellent progress in all of our key markets. Oil and Gas is now a significant growth sector for Lowrie in both Australian domestic markets and increasingly, our northern neighbours in Asia.

LARGEST PNG CONTRACT: Lowrie has won a multi-million dollar contract to supply three specialist telecommunications rooms along the route of the inland pipeline for Papua New Guinea’s US$15 billion liquefied natural gas project. Construction is underway with first delivery through this year. PNG’s intense tropical weather and steep mountainous terrain poses demanding engineering challenges in ensuring both stability of installation and then long-term performance of the facilities despite their remoteness and surrounding climate.

Lowrie won the work against numerous international tenderers. Our systems performance, cost structures and delivery capability were critical factors to securing the contract, an example of our ability to service both east and west coasts of Australia and Asia.

DIVERSE CAPABILITY: With more than 500 completed projects in Australia and overseas, Lowrie is being recognised as one of the most diverse providers to all levels of Australasia’s resources sector – hard rock mining in remote areas, coastal energy processing hubs, regional resources infrastructure, and offshore facilities servicing oil and gas production. Our customer profile ranges from major mining operators through to government energy, water and waste management utilities, heavy industry and safe work fabrications such as cyclone shelters. Our strengths are our flexibility, responsive service, and high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

SAFE EMPLOYEES: Past weeks have seen the severe impact of cyclones on northern Australia, making timely our decision to release the CAT5 Lock Down Cyclone Shelter. CAT5 refers to Category Five - the worst case cyclone scenario in Australia. The design and application of the CAT5 attracted significant media interest on its release. The unique design allows the shelter to ‘lock down’ during a cyclone to deliver maximum secure protection for up to 400 site employees. There is also a truck mounted model for teams working in the field across northern Australia.

It means a mine or project owner does not face the time and expense of ‘fly south’ evacuations, employees have greater peace of mind, work can resume on site earlier and the floor plan allows daily use of the facilities for normal site operations..

CAT5: A significant step forward in our 20 year experience in cyclone protection.