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PushStart.com.au starts with a logo contest and plans March 2011 launch

PushStart.com.au sets to launch in March with a new logo crowdsourced on DesignCrowd.com

PushStart (an Australian startup accelerator founded with the goal of helping other technology startups grow) is using DesignCrowd.com to crowdsource a logo design in preparation for PushStart’s launch later this year.

PushStart will take a similar approach to successful American startup accelerators Y-Combinator and Techstars but will differentiate its services by focusing on community-centered, mentor-driven activities throughout the whole year rather than just for 3 months. Kim Heras, founder of PushStart, has over ten years experience with tech startups and says:“I’m a big fan of the Australian tech startup industry and feel that if I can connect the many excellent people I’ve met over the years, with newer tech entreprenuers, in a way that is completely focused on building the local community, that great things will happen.”

DesignCrowd.com is helping PushStart crowdsource a logo design by posting a logo contest and having its international database of 27,000 designers create logos competitively for the company. The PushStart logo contest (one of many logo design contests hosted by DesignCrowd) will be running for six more days and already has over 70 entries with first place designer receiving $350 and other designers receiving participation payments.

You can view the contest and the entries here:

PushStart’s community-centered approach is similar to DesignCrowd’s and Heras says this is one of the reasons he’s using DesignCrowd to crowdsource his logo:“PushStart is all about using the power of community to achieve the best outcomes. That aligns perfectly with DesignCrowd’s model. On top of that, we’re all about supporting the Australian tech startup community and DesignCrowd is one of the shining lights of that at the moment.”
PushStart’s use of DesignCrowd follows other prominent brands including Harvard Business School, Hi-TEC, DomainNames.com.au and Fair Trade Australia. Each has utilized crowdsourcing to successfully collect scores of designs and creative ideas from designers around the world.

PushStart’s successful logo contest is a great example of crowdsourcing,highlighting the positive results businesses can get from DesignCrowd. DesignCrowd expects to grow its client base dramatically in 2011 and hopes many of the startups PushStart assists decide to use its service also.

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