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Verbatim Upgrades CopySmartPlus CD Copier Towers to 40x

Utilising a built in 20GB hard disk drive to copy from and a built-in controller the CopySmart Plus Towers come in two different configurations, with either 3 or 7 target 40x CD-RW drives.

Previously available with a CD-ROM reader and 24x CD-RW drives the CopySmart Plus Towers now offer the fastest burning speed available 40x. Each drive is now capable of copying a full CD in less than 4 minutes.

Utilising an LCD panel and a simple 4 button user interface, the CopySmart series of CD Copiers are designed for users looking for a way of making fast, accurate copies of master CD discs. Each CD copier will automatically determine the format of the master CD and simultaneously copy to each of the CD-RW drives. As the CopySmart Towers are totally stand-alone and dont require additional software there is no need to tie up a PC while burning your discs.

Hardware Product Manager for Verbatim, Callum Hingston says The feedback from the market for the CopySmartPlus 24x has been nothing but positive. The feature set and price point allowed CD duplication to enter many new markets. We believe that this new upgraded product, at the existing price, will continue to fulfill the needs of many new markets.

The CopySmartPlus 40x 3 drive and CopySmartPlus 40x 7 drive are now available from authorised Verbatim resellers for a RRP of $2200 inc GST and $4400 inc GST respectively. Copyright 2002, Verbatim. All trademarks or registered trademarks mentioned herein are recognised as the property of their respective holders.