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Indian Web Designer Earns $10,000 in 4 Weeks on DesignCrowd

Indian web designer Arun Bhattacharya has earned $10,000 in his first 4 weeks on design crowdsourcing site DesignCrowd.com

ArunBhattacharya a web and graphic designer based in Kolkata India has earned $10,000 in his first 4 weeks of part-time work on design crowdsourcing website DesignCrowd.com. Arun - an experienced web designer and developer who runs James Brown Design Studio from Kolkata to service western businesses - has already achieved the number one ranking in DesignCrowd's Top 100 Indian Designersand has usurped Pakistani design studio Xpiderz as the top rankedWeb Designer on DesignCrowd - a significant achievement given Xpiderz held the position for over 1 year.

Arun - who has featured in an internalCrowdsourcing Case Studypublished by DesignCrowd - says he has used some of his earnings to buy a Digital SLR Camera - a luxury in India a country where the average yearly wage is less than $1000. Arunsays "DesignCrowd has given a great opportunity to designers like me to come up with their best designs and compete fairly." In a note to DesignCrowd's CEO, Alec Lynch, Arun says "I would like to convey my hearty thanks to you for this website and the opportunity its providing me. Through me you have a faithful and totally positive fan of DesignCrowd."Lynch says part of the reason designers use DesignCrowd over other freelancing sites is "we give designers a chance regardless of their location or education or pedigree. This is our mission statement: to give creative people opportunity."

Arun says part of his success is due to his approach to design contests "[You need to be] innovative and think laterally. Keep the ideas fresh by having more than one brainstorming session over the course of the design process, rather than one long one at the beginning."


DesignCrowd has paid over $1M to designers around the world since it launched and Lynch says "this money goes a long way in developing economies like India". He went on to say "We have many talented designers in Australia and Canada but countries like India, the Philippines and Romania are a great source of labour, talent and creativity for western businesses. We started during the GFC and designers like Arun who provide amazing creativity, output and customer service at half the cost are one of the reasons our business has flourished during this period. So we're helping businesses in America who need to cut costs to survive and we're helping workers in India to earn money so they can live a happy life."

DesignCrowdisone of the largest crowdsourcing sites in the world with 30,000 graphic, logo and web designers, based in Sydney Australia.