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RAD Recommends Cost Cutting Methods for Australian Telcos

Cross-Generation Solutions Leverage PDH/SDH to Deliver Ethernet Services

Telecommunications providers around the world face two similar challenges the need to cut transmission costs in order to operate successfully and the need to provide competitive offerings to customers. Recent media reports on the plans of the newly-appointed Telstra CEO have focused on the need for cost cutting and tier two and three telecommunications providers also recognise that transmission costs are the most expensive aspect in service delivery.
Next Generation Ethernet networks and Pseudowire Ethernet services are becoming an essential service to the Australian market. PDH network costs have also been dramatically reduced in recent months, making both PDH and SDH networks more attractive for delivering Next Generation Ethernet services. To meet the needs of telecommunications providers, RAD Data Communications has introduced several innovative methods of generating considerable savings with its range of cross-generation solutions.
RADs Egate Ethernet over E1 gateway provides a cost effective, dedicated solution interconnecting TDM and packet-switched networks. It enables service providers to provide transparent Layer 2 VPN services, reduces equipment costs and simplifies network maintenance.
Service providers can benefit from significant savings by using these types of dedicated solutions and connect packet switched networks with traditional networks to reach customers, said Udi Furman, General Manager, RAD Data Australia. For telecommunications companies providing Ethernet services to small and medium businesses by leasing E1 lines from other operators, cross-generation solutions provide a more cost effective alternative and help to reduce costs across the board.
According to Furman, RAD products are also very competitively priced in comparison to other similar solutions on offer to the Australian market.
RADs Egate Ethernet gateway over E1s or channelised SDH networks provide a cost effective dedicated solution to replace the need for using routers with expensive interfaces, he said. It is priced at around a third of some competing solutions on the market.
RAD's flexible transport solutions also offer a smooth migration path for evolving to next generation networks while supporting current technologies and services. TDM over IP (TDMoIP) technology, developed and pioneered by RAD, provides an evolutionary approach for transporting circuit-switched telephony and legacy data over IP and Gigabit Ethernet networks.
TDMoIP transparently converts E1 circuits into IP packets for transmission over high performance IP-based backbones. It maintains all the features and functionality of todays Class 4 and 5 switches and SS7, PRI and other signaling protocols end-to-end across the network. The TDMoIP products deliver voice, fax, modem and data services over IP networks without compromising quality.
RAD offers customers a migration path, so that they can maximise their current investments and also ensure that they are not left behind in the continual development of new communications technologies, said Mr Furman. RADs innovative TDMoIP solution helps customers achieve savings and by the end of 2005, RAD will also offer customers a migration path to pure VoIP solutions to deliver the benefits of next generation IP.
About RAD
Established in 1981, privately owned RAD Data Communications has achieved international recognition as a major manufacturer of high quality access equipment for data communications and telecommunications applications. These solutions serve the data and voice access requirements of service providers, incumbent and new carriers, and enterprise networks, by reducing infrastructure investment costs while boosting competitiveness and profitability. The company's installed base exceeds 8,000,000 units and includes more than 150 carriers and operators around the world. These customers are supported by 18 RAD offices and more than 200 distributors in 105 countries.
RAD is a member of the RAD Group of companies, a world leader in networking and internetworking product solutions.
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