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L7 Training achieves Microsoft Training Certification,

Cisco next step on path to becoming WA's number 1 technical trainer by 2015

L7 Training a division of L7 Solutions has achieved Microsoft Silver Learning Certification. L7 are now one of two training providers in WA servicing the corporate training space after corporate training specialist Excom went into administration in August 2010. L7 Training is now completing further technical training certifications including Cisco and aims to be WA’s number one Technical Training provider by 2015.

In order to gain this certification training providers must meet stringent infrastructure and staffing requirements that are designed to closely align with customer needs. These include employing two Microsoft Certified Trainers, both highly regarded trainers from Excom, investing $50k in infrastructure and, provide customer references of training solutions that focused on either the solution-offerings training or end-user training.

This certification allows L7 training to deliver specialist Microsoft courses not offered by other training providers as well as enhance the standard run of the mill courses to provide overall superior quality training by partnering closely with Microsoft and ensuring a proven skill set. This not only allows L7 to provide high quality training externally but also to keep staff and solution offerings the most relevant on the market both from a technical and sales and marketing perspective.

L7 established its training practice in May 2010, realising significant market demand on the back of WA’s skills shortage and lack of technical training providers in WA’s corporate training market. L7 Training is focused on providing end-user computer training, professional development training and high level technical training primarily to the corporate training market. Chief Executive Matt Sullivan said that the achieving Microsoft Learning Certification was a significant step forward for L7 Training’s goal of becoming WA’s number one Technical Training provider by 2015, with other significant vendor learning certifications to follow shortly including Cisco.

L7 will be offering a range of Certified Microsoft Courses including Windows Server, Exchange, SQL and SharePoint Training but realises that there is increasing demand for more flexible training options. “The market is calling for customised, mobile training options. Though instructor led, in-house training will always be an option, clients are demanding that courses target specific content, are delivered in less time with the option of taking courses on the client site” commented Mr. Sullivan.