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Greentree International Re-Branded

The Green Dog is Dead

Greentree has a bold, fresh new look. Thegreen dog has been the symbol of Greentree for seven years. During that time the company has grown tenfold, in terms of its products, its partners and its customer base. The puppy was a fun, lovable symbol for a young business, but it was time to move on.

“We’re really ramping up our exposure, not just in Australia and New Zealand, but in offshore markets as well,” says CEO Peter Dickinson.

The two key components of Greentree’s new look are the strapline ‘Primed for Business’ and the unique relationship they have with partners and customers, which they have now given the name We3.

‘Primed for Business’ is the promise of what will be delivered.

“Unlike others, we don’t go arrogantly telling customers that we’re going to make their business successful,”Peter says. “We just like to think that we can help a bit, or help quite a lot. We like to think that from the software side, we’re helping you to prime to succeed.”

Making We3 part of the Greentree brand is a tip of the hat to the collaboration that has typified everything Greentree does.

“There really is a strong communal, tribal element to Greentree,” Peter says. “The customer is at the heart of what we do and our partners are our backbone, bringing their expertise into the market. Fundamentally it’s something we’re very proud of, and ultimately it’s what will continue to drive our success.”

You ain’t seen nothing yet!

This latest step in Greentree’s developmentis a work in progress – not just on the website, but in the marketplace. You’re going to want to keep coming back for more exciting news in the weeks ahead, including the biggest online business competition ever.

“It is the culmination of a lot of work but it’s also just the start – not a conclusion,” Peter Dickinson says. “We’ve built a whole new platform to allow us to offer a far more dynamic web experience”.

Trish Hall

Chief Executive Officer

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