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The End of Yellow Pages Offline Distribution Within 3 Years Predicts Web Wizards Web Designer Perth

Web Wizards ( Web Designer Perth ) sees the writing on the wall for yellow pages distribution as environmental concerns force cities to reconsider the full scale massacre of trees to provide doorstops for the average householder. San Francisco have starte

In a move to the nanny state that we are all experiencing, San Francisco are compelling people to op-tin only for the once unassailable local directory the yellow pages. Knowing that most people will not be bothered, the yellow pages business model looks like it will go the way of the Dodo bird.

In San Francisco the city are also insisting on a public outreach program to educate San Francisco locals and businesses about the many alternatives to the Yellow Pages.

"The over-distribution of telephone directories results in an unconscionable waste of natural resources, and costs the city over one million dollars every year to process through our re-use system," Melanie Nutter, director of the San Francisco Department of the Environment, said in a statement.

Neville Greenwood from the local Perth Web Design and SEO firm Web Wizards said that "many of his customers had said that they had not opened a yellow pages in years, when questioned about their importance in their business." "Door stop and computer Monitor support seemed to be the most common uses" Mr. Greenwood said flippantly. Of course this time of the year, before the next edition of the "yellow tome" is about to come out, there will be some heavy advertising on the TV to get top of mind and some heavy duty selling is sure to ensue.

The truth is that the environmental effects of any large directory in today's online age is always going to be questioned, given the tree carnage that is required to distribute to the 100's of thousands of households in the local Perth area.

With the Greens in bed with Labor nationally, it is just a matter of time before the idea of saving the annual tree cull for the canary coloured customer complimentary, consisting of categories of conspicuous consumption for the now computer consumed cost conscious collaborators we call community, which will cascade to a chorus of complete eradication of the once beloved and iconic directory.

Mr Greenwood outlined a simple truth that small and large business alike should think about. "We know where the customers are searching. The question is whether you are going to show up or become invisible to your customers. In the past if you weren't in the yellow pages you were invisible to your customers. Now if you don't show up in Google you will become invisible." Companies with next to no capital are overtaking well established brands because they know how to show up.

If you want to show up in your market Web Wizards suggest that you get yourself online before your competitors wake up.

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