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10,000 signatures needed to put road safety first: NRMA and police association

NRMA Motoring & Services and the Police Association of NSW are calling on motorists across the state to sign a petition to get the NSW Government to put all revenue raised from speed cameras back into funding road safety measures.

NRMA President Wendy Machin said the NRMA would need at least 10,000 signatures so that the issue of directly linking speed camera revenue to road safety funding - known as hypothecation - is debated in Parliament.

"For years we've been calling for the revenue raised from traffic fines, in particular enforcement cameras, to be hypothecated to specific road safety measures such as funding road improvements, road safety education and more highway patrols across the state," Ms Machin said.

"We want the NSW Government in its first term to legislate the hypothecation of the more than $140 million collected by speed cameras each year. The best way to make this happen is to get the 10,000 signatures we need to get this issue debated by Parliament.

"If the Government is serious about reducing the road toll then there is no reason why this revenue can’t be used as extra funding for road safety."

The NRMA is proposing an independent panel of experts be brought together including the NRMA and the NSW Police Association to ensure that the hypothecation of traffic fine revenue is adequately allocated and expended on road safety measures and that this information is made publicly available.

"We also want the NSW Government to commit to an annual audit of all camera sites across the state to ensure they are only used in places where they make the roads safer," Ms Machin said.

"These cameras need to be regularly assessed and the results made public so motorists are confident that the Government is being transparent when it comes to the revenue raised from speed cameras across the state."

Police Association of NSW President Scott Weber said if speed cameras are raising revenue, the money should be put back into roads because it would improve road safety and ultimately save lives.

"Every dollar taken from a speeding motorist should go towards making roads safer for all drivers," Mr Weber said.

Download a copy of the Road Safety Petition.