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Peak Bodies Release New Ewaste Standard

New Industry Standard for TV and IT Recycling

Best practice ewaste recycling in Australia is gaining momentum with the release of the Interim Industry Standard (IIS) for TV and Computer Recycling this week.

The Standard was developed by the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) and Product Stewardship Australia (PSA), to help further improve the environmental and OH&S performance of the ewaste management process.

It follows consultation with a broad range of stakeholders, to manage the risks associated with collection, transport and processing of end-of-life TVs and computer equipment.

The Interim Industry Standard will take effect for the recycling of end of life TVs and computer equipment for member companies of the AIIA-PSA Product Stewardship Organisation (PSO).

Recyclers and logistics solutions companies will need to obtain and maintain certification to the Interim Industry Standard, as well as having an Environmental Management System certified to ISO14001.

This progressive industry initiative is taking place within the context of the National Television and Computer Product Stewardship Scheme.

The industry-led take-back and recycling program will be regulated under the Product Stewardship Act 2011, and will require manufacturers and importers of new TVs and computer equipment to provide an Australia-wide recycling service to the public and small business.

To learn more about the Government’s Scheme, the Product Stewardship Act and related regulations, visit theGovernment's E-waste website www.environment.gov.au/settlements/waste/ewaste/index.html.

Interested stakeholders and potential service providers can obtain a copy of the Interim Industry Standard at: www.productstewardship.asn.au.