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Object Consulting wins Innovation Partner of the Year Award at Microsoft Australian Partner Awards (2011 MAPA)

Object Consulting is proud to announce it has been acknowledged as Winner in the Innovation Partner of the Year category at the 2011 Microsoft Partner Awards (MAPA).  Object Consulting received this award on the strength of its Connected Experience solutions on the Windows Azure platform. 

Connected Experience connects devices and screens together with the Azure cloud to deliver unique, innovative and compelling experiences to link organisations with their customers.  Azure provides the Cloud content store that allows all of the connected devices to access shared content. It also stores identity and state such that experiences can be started on one device and then continued across other devices.

 Gil Thew, Object Consulting's Executive Director responsible for New Business Development and Strategic Partnerships said at the Awards Event: “Two years ago Object recognised the great potential of Microsoft Surface in the emerging world of systems delivery.

 "We have been working on this to perfect Connected Experience, a horizontal solution for any organisation that wants to optimise its contact and business relationship with their consumers. Surface and Connected Experience on the Windows Azure platform is a genuinely successful B2C solution.  This award from Microsoft confirms that as much as the recent orders from our clients."

Kevin Francis, Object Consulting’s National Microsoft Practices Manager, added: “All of our cloud solutions, including Connected Experience, work across industries including financial services, healthcare and government, utilities, museums and libraries, retail, hospitality, transport and entertainment.

“Connected Experience is a unique, world-leading solution to the problems of staff and customer engagement. 

 “Leveraging Windows Azure and a range of exciting technologies like Microsoft Surface, Interactive Digital Signage, Tablet computers and customers’ mobile phones, and home computers, Object Consulting is able to provide a range of consistent, engaging, connected experiences in store, at home and on the move.”

 Further details on Object Consulting’s Connected Experience Solution are available at www.connectedexperience.com.au.

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