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Mitrefinch launch new Time and Attendance Referral Program with a little help from RedBalloon

Mitrefinch, a leader in the Employee Management and Time and Attendance software solutions, today announced the launch of its new Customer Referral Program – Mitrefinch Mighty-Fine Rewards.

SYDNEY, August 25, 2011 -From now, Mitrefinch’s growing customer base of more than 400 companies, across Australia and New Zealand, will receive RedBalloon experience vouchers for every contact they refer that becomes a Mitrefinch customer. The new program will help Mitrefinch continue to grow its client base of businesses that want to accurately manage their employee’s time and attendance information.

"We recognise the value of customer referrals and are delighted to know that our users are willing to share the benefits of our automated time management solutions with their peers," said Mitrefinch Marketing Manager, Jamie Fitzsimons. "Previous referral programs were centered around product related incentives, but with our new initiative we wanted to adopt a personalised approach, rewarding clients with something exciting that they could enjoy themselves”.

As such, Mitrefinch enlisted the help of the RedBalloon team to deliver the platform for running “Mitrefinch Mighty-Fine Rewards”, a customised voucher program, with a co-branded website. Customers now have the ability to use their RedBalloon vouchers to do something memorable, with over 2500 possible experiences to choose from.

According to RedBalloon General Manager for Corporate Matt Geraghty, non-financial incentives and referral programs are an area of growth, with many companies realising that no matter what business they are in or what products and services they sell, highly motivated sales staff, effective incentives and positive word of mouth are key to success.

“Everyone it seems, is asking how do we sell more, win more customers, strengthen our relationships, gain market share and increase productivity?” Mr Geraghty said.

“That’s why we are so pleased to be working alongside Mitrefinch as they continue to build their personalised incentive program, and we are optimistic that they will see positive results in the form of new and satisfied customers.”

Businesses that implement Mitrefinch’s Time Management solutions to automate attendance tracking are improving payroll accuracy, reducing labour costs, boosting the efficiency of their payroll and HR departments, generating up-to-the-minute onsite management reports, as well as benefiting from superior planning of employee schedules and jobs.

For more information on how the Mitrefinch Mighty-Fine Rewards program works, check out - http://www.mitrefinch.com.au/mightyfinerewards