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Women Drive Results at Sydney Cove Rotary Club

One of Sydney’s largest and most active Rotary Clubs is leading the way in empowering women with a new female Club President and a Board that comprises 60 per cent women.

At a time when Australia is lagging behind the rest of the world in relation to female representation on boards and in executive management, the Rotary Club of Sydney Cove is showing how it’s done.

The Club’s new President, Deborah Homewood, is no stranger to leadership. The CEO of PACNET Australia New Zealand, she has also held senior roles in AT&T, Telstra and Motorola, as well as winning the NSW Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award in 2005.

As President, Deborah oversees the Club’s various activities and projects to maximise the value of its contribution to different charities and community events. Women also head up the Club’s Administration, Service Projects, Membership and Public Relations divisions.

Ms Homewood said she is proud to lead a team that enjoys a more equitable gender spread. “When you consider that in corporate Australia last year, only 8.4 per cent of board positions were held by women, then the Rotary Club of Sydney Cove is way ahead of the curve,” she said.

“As a worldwide organisation, Rotary only opened its doors to women members in 1987, so to have women hold six of our 10 current board positions shows a real willingness to embrace changes that benefit our members and the community.”

Meeting on a Captain Cook Cruise boat at Circular Quay (Pier 6) each Friday morning for breakfast, the Sydney Cove Club boasts a strong business membership of over 90 active members.

Being one of Australia’s highest performing Rotary Clubs, Sydney Cove supports a wide variety of charities and contribution projects ranging from Polio Eradication and the Sydney Children’s Hospital through to work with the homeless, providing Internet Cafes in Australia and overseas, along with support for major sporting and community events like the ABC’s Wrap with Love project.

The Club’s marquee fundraising event is the Regatta held each November, in conjunction with the Cruising Yacht Club, that has raised over $2.8 million since its inception in 1993. At last years Regatta, the Club raised $181,000 for charity projects, from which it contributed $91,000 to the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

The Rotary Club of Sydney Cove was established in 1988 with the common goal of giving back to the community in which we live and work. With over 90 members, the Rotary Club of Sydney Cove is one of Sydney’s largest and most active clubs, supporting 30 community service projects including: working with the homeless, disaster relief, assisting organisations caring for the disabled, youth leadership programs, providing education resources support, international scholarships and the support of local charities. The Club meets every Friday morning from 7.15-8.45am on the Captain Cook Cruise boat moored at Pier 6 on Circular Quay.

For more information on Rotary Club of Sydney Cove visit www.sydneycoverotary.com or contact Alex Allwood | alex@holla.com.au