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Sustainable Seafood Guide Hooks Consumers

iPhone App Helps Educate on Marine Conservation

Imagine using digital technology to help educate the public about sustainable seafood and the need for better levels of marine conservation?

In a connected world where smart phone applications can bring convenience, utility, fun and desire, a new iPhone is making waves about the health of our oceans.

The Melbourne-based Digital Solutions team at WSP Environment & Energy, is proud to announce the launch of the Sustainable Seafood Guide iPhone Application. The Guide was developed by WSP for the Australian Marine Conservation Society, and fills a major knowledge gap for Australian seafood consumers.

“Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide provides you with the information necessary to make an informed and ocean-friendly choice about the seafood you put in your shopping basket or on your plate. This app gives you access at your fingertips to recommendations about the sustainability of the seafood found in supermarkets, restaurants and fish and chip shops.

The oceans are our planet’s lifeblood, but overfishing and unsustainable fishing is putting them at risk and undermining the health of fish stocks. If you eat seafood and love the oceans you can make a difference and help protect the seas around us by choosing seafood that is harvested sustainably.

This app is the only one of its kind specific to Australian seafood and features information on over 100 different types of seafood, including those from wild-caught fisheries, fish farms and imported species.

Produced by the Australian Marine Conservation Society, this app provides independent advice on better seafood choices and seafood to avoid, because the fish we choose today affects the health of our oceans tomorrow.”

The Guide can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore here.

For comment on the role of digital technology and sustainable futures contact: ashley.herring@wspdigital.com

More information:

WSP Digitial Solutions: www.wspdigital.com

Australian Marine Conservation Society: www.amcs.org.au