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NVivo 9 in more languages enhances qualitative analysis for researchers worldwide

QSR International today announced that researchers around the world have access to its qualitative data analysis software NVivo 9 in five more languages, including Portuguese for the first time ever. While NVivo has always been able to handle data in virtually any language, NVivo 9 software is now available in Simplified Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and English – making NVivo more accessible than ever to researchers worldwide.

NVivo software is already used by academic, health and government researchers in over 150 countries and now Chinese, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese speakers can use NVivo 9’s powerful analysis tools to analyze and gain insight from unstructured information such as documents, surveys, audio, video and pictures in their own language.

QSR International CEO, John Owen said that QSR is delighted to be offering greater accessibility to qualitative data analysis software for researchers around the world. “Giving researchers the option to work in our NVivo 9 software in the language they are most comfortable with means they can gain valuable insight from their data more efficiently, and ultimately reach robust findings and answer their questions faster.”

“Whether its policy evaluation, academic research or public health studies, for those who are working on collaborative projects, where team members may speak a variety of languages, using the latest NVivo 9 software enables team members to work in their preferred language and focus on getting the most out of their data.”

Mr Owen continued, “All NVivo 9 users can access and switch seamlessly between any of the six languages NVivo 9 is now available in, and this new functionality is completely free of charge for our existing NVivo 9 users.”

“Those who use NVivo 9 in one of the new languages will also have access to QSR’s extensive network of partners, resellers and trainers in Asia, Europe and the Americas, in addition to our customer services and support team who are available to provide free technical support in English over the phone, email or online.”

QSR International Regional Sales and Partner Manager, Asia Pacific Kate Fleming commented, “It’s exciting to offer Chinese speaking researchers access to NVivo 9’s advanced features for the first time. By easily interacting with the software in their own language, Chinese speakers can focus on applying themselves to their projects and delivering quality outputs.”

Professor Li Liu, from the School of Psychology at Beijing Normal University commented that he and his students will get the most out of NVivo 9 by working in Chinese. “NVivo provides Chinese researchers and practitioners with a unique platform to embark on their qualitative research project, and to capture the complexity, richness and nuances of Chinese language.”

In addition to the five new languages, NVivo 9 users gain further flexibility with data analysis as a result of QSR’s partnership with the UK’s largest independent research institute, the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen). NVivo has always supported a wide range of research methodologies, and now users can conduct NatCen’s Framework analysis as well, using NVivo’s new framework matrices functionality.


About QSR International:

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