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Australian Startup launches ‘Not Another F*cking Coupon’, quickly gains cult following.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 28/09/2011 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - New Daily Deals Aggregator

Australian online startup Not Another Coupon has launched its flagship website www.notanotherfuckingcoupon.com.au, exploding on the group buying scene as a viral phenomenon in only a few short weeks.

Not Another Fucking Coupon(orNAFC) showcases group coupons from more than 10 of Australia’s most well-known daily deals sites, including Spreets, Deals.com.au and Jigocity. Creating its own humour-infused custom written content to appear before each deal, NAFC has a strategic comedic edge over its competitors.

NAFC is based on the premise of the brand-trust nexus between consumers and products in an online context. It is statistically probable that users who laugh at content will like a website. These users who like the website are more probable to create a positive relationship with the website. Finally, creating positive relationships with the website makes users more likely to buy products from the site.[1]

Not Another Fucking Coupon is the brainchild of 22-year old entrepreneur and university student Wesley Wise.

“Group buying sites have all been purely about the best deal, the product. The problem is that consumers don’t really care which site they buy from because they all have similar products. NAFC is about mashing online group buying with an entertainment experience.”MrWise explains.“When people under 30 go shopping, we don’t just go to buy our stuff and leave. We shop in part to have a good time. We want to be entertained and social with our friends.”

People don’t just visit NAFC to buy coupons - they visit to laugh and have fun.

While the use of explicit language is inherent to the website, recent empirical studies and commercial experiences demonstrate that obscenity no longer has a serious hampering effect on speaker credibility.[2] In fact, swearing is proving to be a real plus for any brand looking to quickly build a community. The wild success of the book ‘Go The F*ck To Sleep’ by Adam Mansbach, the Number 1 New York Times Bestseller, is a testament to the growing acceptance of carefully targeted expletive use in the retail and commercial spheres.

NAFC is already a social gathering point for Gen-Y to voice itself and be heard as a force in online bargain shopping. A vibrant community has grown since the recent launch (See their Facebook & Twitter here).

A mobile version of the site is soon to be released.

For further information, please contact:

Frances Goh

Not Another Coupon Public Relations

Phone: +61 (3) 9018 5612

Email: frances@notanothercoupon.com

About Not Another Coupon

Not Another Coupon is an Australian based, globally focused market leader in the business of brand marketing, social engagement and online media content.

Its market analyses show that there is a higher rate of users that make a purchase when influenced and encouraged by a brand - the new social medium phenomena relies on brands of trust to sell brands of products. Not Another Coupon creates these trusted brands that form communities.

Not Another Coupon’s flagship social community is Not Another Fucking Coupon(NAFC).

Its social gathering points are on Facebook & Twitter .

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[2] Reference: Scherer, C.R. & Sagarin, B.J. (2006). ‘Indecent Influence: The positive effects of obscenity on persuasion’ in Social Influence, Psychology Press Ltd: Northern Illinois University, 1 (2), 138-146