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‘Not Another F*cking Coupon’ Launches Viral Youtube Video, Experiences Strong Growth And Rebuffs Speculated Vigilante Hack Attempt.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 7/11/2011 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Daily Deals Aggregator & Community

Young Australian startup Not Another Coupon’s flagship site Not Another Fucking Coupon (or NAFC) has continued its recent run of exciting developments and dealt with the controversy surrounding an alleged site disruption on November 4.

The group buying and discount deals aggregator last week released its first viral video clip on YouTube, titled ‘We Are Fun For You’. The video, which has attracted over 10,450 views in its first 10 days of official release,builds on the continued growth and increasing popularity of the site and its community.

“True to our style and expanding Gen-Y support base, we wanted to make a video that was as much about having a laugh as it was about promoting the website,” explained CEO and university student Wesley Wise. “We believe online shopping should be about having fun, not just about the products you browse.”

NAFC has experienced dramatic growth in recent weeks through social media, expanding its reach and notoriety through its Facebook and Twitter communities.

“Weekly interaction with our fans has been increasing steadily, as have total numbers of followers and fans. We know from data analysis that 75% of our community is between the age of 18 and 35, cementing our reputation as the voice of Gen-Y in the online group buying scene.”

On November 4th, NAFC experienced havoc on its website that appeared to resemble an effort to hack the site. While the team was yet to officially confirm a hacking attempt, the damage to the site in a short amount of time was strongly reminiscent of a typical online intrusion. “We obviously don’t condone any efforts to disrupt our activities. I regard it as a complement though that someone out there might feel strongly enough about our brand to try this kind of thing.” By November 5 all operations were successfully restored.

For further information, please contact:

Frances Goh

Not Another Coupon Public Relations

Phone: +61 (3) 9018 5612

Email: frances@notanothercoupon.com

About Not Another Coupon

Not Another Coupon is an Australian based, globally focused startup in the business of brand marketing, social engagement and online media content.

Its market analyses show that there is a higher rate of users that make a purchase when influenced and encouraged by a brand - the new social medium phenomena relies on brands of trust to sell brands of products. Not Another Coupon creates these trusted brands that form communities.

Not Another Coupon’s flagship social community is Not Another Fucking Coupon (NAFC).

Its social gathering points are on Facebook & Twitter .