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Australian SMEs compete for $250,000 business shot-in-the-arm

Small to medium (SME) Australian organisations were quick to pitch for the opportunity to acquire the latest in all-embracing management software designed specifically for the challenges they face, according to Greentree International CEO, Peter Dickinson

His company received dozens of qualified entries to its ‘GAME ON’ competition and will award up to $250,000’s worth of business management systems software, related services, cloud hosting and implementation hand-holding – FREE – to the company that has put up the most persuasive case.

Competition entrants were required to describe their business pain points, the day-to-day problems their business confronts, and their growth plans that are frustrated by systems that are no longer adequate.

“We’ve had entries from all around Australia,” says Dickinson, “from companies with turnovers ranging from $1 million to more than $100 million. It’s obvious from the entries that many well established companies feel they could do better with the quarter-million dollar makeover we are offering."

“I’ve long realised that there are many super businesses out there that could perform so much better if they had the right management software.”

Dickinson said the challenge of management systems inadequacy was obviously not unique to Australia. He cited the paper, Building sustainable high growth start-up companies: management systems as an accelerator, published in the University of California’s California Management Review in 2010, which highlighted the same problem in the United States.

The paper’s authors, Antonio Davila, George Foster and Ning Jia, said many companies founded with enthusiasm and hope for high growth fail to meet their founders’ and investors’ expectations because of the failure to switch to a more structured management approach and adopt management systems and processes in a timely way.

The names of the finalists in the Greentree competition will be published in mid-November and the winner will be decided by a panel of judges and public votes, and announced in December.

Peter Dickinson added, “Greentree implementation and cloud partners will work with the winner to ensure seamless implementation and staff training. The prize will transform the winning company, just as Greentree has helped many other SMEs in Australia and around the world.”