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Australia's Leading E-Waste Recycling Partnership Established

Industry funded, competitive and environmentally focused

The National Television and Computer Product Stewardship Scheme received an unprecedented boost with the announcement a new industry-led partnership.

The ANZRP (Australian and New Zealand Recycling Platform), in association with Infoactiv Group have launched a unique partnership to build and implement the industry-leading model for recycling end-of-life (EoL) TVs and computers.

The service will be rolled out across Australia commencing early 2012, and will be free of charge to the public at designated collection points.

ANZRP will be seeking early approval from the Australian Government to become an Arrangement Administrator under the Product Stewardship Act and subordinate regulations.

The proposed Arrangement and ‘product stewardship organisation’ will be open to all liable parties under the regulations. It will represent a robust and competitive approach while also aiming to be the most environmentally sound ewaste service in Australia.

The PSO welcomes all liable parties to make contact and be part of the industry-leading solution.

Comprising manufacturers, brands and importers of computer and TV equipment, the ANZRP will be the authoritative voice of industry and ensure that community expectations and environmental outcomes are firmly placed at the centre of a national ewaste recycling service.

As Australia’s leading ewaste management and logistics firm, Infoactiv Group will manage and deliver all operational aspects of the service, from collection and transport through to equipment disassembly, recycling and community education. Infoactiv will also coordinate designated collection sites and community recycling events across metropolitan, regional and remote Australia.

The formal collaboration between ANZRP and Infoactiv will translate into a truly national service. In practical terms, this means that the public will benefit from a user-friendly recycling program that is underpinned by strong environmental, health and safety requirements.

Infoactiv Group has extensive Australian and international experience in operating successful ewaste collection and recycling programs for IT equipment, consumer electronics and mobile phones. Their current experience in Australia is unmatched and already diverts thousands of tonnes of ewaste from landfills.

The announcement during National Recycling Week underscores the computer and consumer electronics industry’s commitment to building a successful ewaste-recycling scheme that is national, community oriented and environmentally sound.

This unique partnership is exceptionally good news for the community, the environment and liable parties wanting to be part of the industry-leading computer and TV recycling program.

Liable parties, manufacturers, brands and interested stakeholders are encouraged to make contact with ANZRP or Infoactiv Group.:

Helen Jarman – Managing Director, Infoactiv Group, Mobile: 0410 555 671

Carmel Dollisson – General Manager, Australian & New Zealand Recycling Platform, Mobile: 0418 360 057