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Survey Suggests Hybrid Computing Platform As Preferred Australian IT Scenario in 2012

Sydney, 16 November 2011 – IT professionals surveyed reported that 65 percent of organisations favour a combination of on-premise and cloud deployments as their ideal IT infrastructure strategy moving into 2012. However, only just over one in ten (13 percent) of organisations cite their ideal IT infrastructure as being completely cloud-based in the year ahead.
This survey, conducted by ICT consulting and solutions provider, Tecala Group, at VMware’s vForum 2011, which took place in Sydney last month, provides insight into plans for virtualised IT infrastructure and cloud computing in Australia.  Key findings indicate that one in four organisations claim to have already virtualised 75 per cent of their IT infrastructure while 28 per cent have virtualised more than half their IT infrastructure.
“These findings support what our customers are telling us – that a hybrid cloud approach is central to their strategy. Australia and New Zealand are the most virtualised countries in the world and we are certainly seeing an accelerating rate of Cloud adoption rate in Australia,” said Duncan Bennet, Managing Director, VMware Australia and New Zealand.
Indeed, 38 per cent of respondents have already deployed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) while more than one in four IT managers are testing IaaS for their potential business requirements. At the same time one in four organisations have plans in place for storage-as-a-service and more than one three organisations have already deployed their disaster recovery and backup infrastructure in the cloud.  Another one in three organisations are currently testing the delivery of disaster recovery and backup in the cloud.
In addition, the survey also found that only 17 percent of organisations were currently using virtual desktops, whilst 33 percent will virtualise their desktop infrastructure within three years. However 38 percent stated they had no plans to use virtualised desktops.
The survey also found that data loss and data security were key storage issues with 58 percent rating it as a current concern for potential application in the cloud.  At the same time, disaster recovery and data back-up were cited as essential storage priorities for 2012 by 35 percent and 25 percent of respondents respectively.
Another survey finding concerned the challenges in the deployment of cloud computing.  More than half (54 per cent) of respondents highlighted risk and security management while vendor credibility was cited by just under one in four (23 percent) of respondents.
Commenting on the survey, Pieter DeGunst, Sales and Marketing Director, Tecala Group, said, “The survey findings demonstrate both a desire by Australian IT management to virtualise their IT infrastructure but also a reluctance to totally devolve control of all applications to the cloud.  This may be due to a variety of reasons, including data sovereignty, confidence in the skills and management within the IT vendor community itself and internal compliance issues.
“The survey also highlights the new virtualisation business opportunities for IT providers who can demonstrate their understanding of their customer’s business, its requirements and develop a path to success.  They need to have a complete understanding of the risk, data and security challenges facing their customer’s business today.”
Indeed, confidence in an IT provider’s ability to completely understand an organisation’s IT and business requirements, along with a long term commitment to their customer and the ability to provide tailored solutions, were seen as critically important attributes by IT managers when selecting a cloud provider.  Seventy-nine percent of respondents indicated that these key qualities were critical in their selection of a cloud provider.
Finally, the survey also found that 71 percent of organisations will increase their IT spending over the next 12 months as they strive to achieve an effective IT infrastructure strategy.
Seventy-two IT professionals participated in this in-person survey at vForum 2011.
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