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Apple iCloud Alternative for Mobile Document Storage; iCloud Inc., iCloudDrive

Unlimited Online Cloud Storage for only $5 per month

Cloud storage brings consumers a way to have all their information accessible on-the-go. Fortunately there are options available so it’s not about which one is the best service but which one is the best service for you. Apple’s iCloud storage solution is proprietary and a closed environment for Apple iOS users specifically. If your mobile device is not an iOS device or if you just want an incredible amount of storage space (unlimited) that is an exceptionally well-priced service, an alternative that outperforms Apple iCloud is iCloudDrive Backup, iCloud Inc.’s instant, automatic storage.

iCloudDrive Backup gives simple, secure unlimited backup for all your files, photos, music, videos and documents, a value-wise service for only $5/month at $60/year. A powerful backup that is automatic, effortless and seamless bringing anywhere anytime access to your information through a standard web browser. iCloudDrive is hassle-free, easy-to-install, secure and making it an even more compelling choice is that you can sync across all your computers, regardless of how many you have and whether they are PC or Mac. There are no limitations on the type or size of your files and you can easily view them over any device including iOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and beyond.

Among the factors that are considered when comparing cloud storage providers, the most notable ones are value for money, reliability, features, upload and download speed, design simplicity and customer support. Customer reviews on iCloud Inc.’s iCloudDrive Backup service indicate that the company is well rated in all these aspects, with factors such as affordability, reliability and ease of use as the most attractive features. With unlimited backup, value-wise iCloudDrive Backup is a choice to be considered, one that is sure to not to disappoint.

About iCloud Inc.

iCloud Inc. founded in 2000 brings a family of affordable, integrated on-line storage solutions that support virtual and physical system backup and disaster recovery. iCloud services include iCloudDrive, iCloudDOCS, iCloudXchange and iCloud WebPACS. iCloud is passionate about the value intelligent cloud excellence and innovation brings keeping information safe, secure and internet accessible. For more information, visit www.i-cloudinc.com/iCloudDriveor email info@i-cloudinc.com.