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Just Water has Installed More than 50,000 Water Coolers Throughout NZ

With 22 years of experience in the industry and more than 50,000 coolers distributed throughout New Zealand, making Just Water the No.1 water cooler provider in the New Zealand.

Like the tools of our trade, water coolers have become a staple in workplaces and schools. They contain the cold and purified liquid hydration our body craves and requires throughout the day.

As the number one water cooler provider in New Zealand, Just Water New Zealand is synthesizing innovation with sustainability to satisfy water needs.

With 22 years of experience in the industry and more than 50,000 coolers distributed throughout New Zealand, Just Water says its company is ‘Just the Best’ and yes, it certainly is.

When a company is led by a chief executive with unlimited vision, it’s off to a good start. Add in a great concept, a committed staff body of more than 200, state of the art facilities and a resource that’s a necessity and you’ve got it made.

Just Water is a leading provider of water coolers and systems in New Zealand and according to chief executive and director Tony Falkenstein, ‘water is the new gold’.

A chief executive at 29 for Polaroid, Falkenstein is a self-made man who knows the value of finding a niche market but downplays his own success.

As a business savvy man, he also knows the value of building relationships with staff which means getting to know them, being a good listener and giving credit when credit’s due.

Falkenstein was inspired to start Just Water by the clich in American television shows, where staff gathers round the water cooler to chat. This simple brainwave resulted in a major transaction; one that is anything but clich and produces pure innovation – literally.

The company’s Aqua-Cool bottling facilities are the only ABWI and HACCP certified bulk bottling plants in New Zealand and is eco- responsible enterprise is all about options.

Just Water believes in re-fill not land-fill, so it delivers water in 15 litre refillable bottles and uses cleaning and sanitising products that are biodegradable.

Clients are offered a vast selection of choices ranging from bench-top and under-bench chiller units through to floor-standing water-coolers, fountains and water filters.

Just Water has hot water units, DIY easy-fill floor-standing and bench-top series water coolers and high performance water purifiers.

All Just Water products exclusively carry the DrinkSafe tick which is part of the DrinkSafe Code of Practice for servicing and sanitising water coolers.