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iCloud Offers Free Unlimited Lifetime Backup Account

iCloud Inc.’s UNLIMITED storage for all your PC’s and MAC’s at $5 monthly is now FREE when you refer a friend that becomes an iCloud Client.

Cloud storage providers are offering online storage solutions for free and now there is an opportunity to have a completely free, unlimited lifetime backup service regardless of the device you use, the size of the files or the number of computers you have and it works on Mac and PC.The cloud storage provider is iCloud Inc. and their service offering iCloudDrive Backup provides anywhere access to all your information at $5 monthly for $60/year.However, if you get a sign up under your referral, your account is absolutely free!

Many Cloud providers offer their service on a per-GB basis.With digital storage measures reflecting price tiers, differentiating as to whether the service offers megabyte (MB), gigabyte (GB) or terabyte (TB) units has become essential.Based on the International System of Units (SI), 1TB is equal to 1024GB with 1GB equivalent to 1024MB. Determining the size of the files and amount of space you might need can present challenges and land up costing you a lot more than you originally budgeted.This makes iCloud’s unlimited iCloudDrive Backup service an exceptionally attractive service when you aren’t sure exactly just how much space you might need whether you purchase it at $60 a year or receive it completely free through a client-referral.

Apple iCloud service provides 5GB of free storage for Apple iOS customers and a 50GB Apple iCloud upgrade is available for Apple iOS customers for $100/year. Purchased storage space is not used up by files bought from iTunes. SugarSync matches Apple with free 5GB accounts with the option to upgrade with an additional 60GB of storage for $100 a year or 100GB for $150 a year. Box.net provides 50 GB of free online storage for Box clients that have a free Box Personal account on an iOS device. Dropbox provides 2GB of storage for free with a 50GB upgrade available for $99 a year or a 100GB option for $199 a year. Dropbox’s referral program provides opportunities to increase storage up to an additional 16GB while HTC’s high-end smartphone users receive 5GB of free online Dropbox storage.

Memopal gives 3GB free and there are no platform limitations.An additional 200GB of storage is available for $50/year. Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage has a file size limitation of 50MB with 25GB of storage space available. Google Docs file size limit is 1GB and you get 1GB of storage for free on top of your Gmail (7GB) and Picasa (1GB) storage. Amazon Cloud Drive provides 5GB of free storage and songs purchased from Amazon Music store do not consume your storage limit.

iCloud’s iCloudDrive back-up service works quietly in the background to protect your files as you use your computer. They can then be viewed from any web browser on any mobile or tablet you use. You can store your contacts, appointments, photos, music, videos, files and data regardless of the file size with access when you need it. To receive your free unlimited iCloudDrive Backup lifetime storage account, email iCloud the client you referred.

With several cloud storage options available, the 2012 market brings with it increased chances that you will find the service that works best for you. Considerations such as type of device you are using, size of the files you are looking to store, number of computers you are backing up and whether the service offering is proprietary or not will all play a role in your decision.While it might not be easy to know how much space you are going to need, iCloudDrive Backup provides peace of mind with their unlimited offering, 14-day Money Back Guarantee and the option to share the news with your friends and get your service completely free.If you haven’t already selected a cloud backup service that best meets your needs, chances are making the decision just got a whole lot easier.

Provider Service FreeExtra SpaceCost/ year

iCloud Inc.

iCloudDrive Backup

iCloudDrive Backup

FREE with client referral





Apple Inc.


5GB for Apple iOS users

*iTune purchases do not use up purchased storage












50GB for iOS users






Up to 16GB with Referral5GB- HTC smartphone users









$ 50




*Max. size/account

25GB Max




















Cloud Drive


*Unlimited space for Amazon Music files



About iCloud Inc.:

iCloud delivers high-performing Cloud solutions with powerful backup that is automatic, effortless and seamless bringinganywhere anytime access to your information through a standard web browser.*iCloud Inc., a registered business founded in 2000, or it’s services including iCloud WebPACS, iCloudXchange, iCloudDOCS and iCloudDrive are not in affiliation with Apple Inc. or Apple iCloud service. To learn more about iCloud, visit www.i-cloudinc.com or email info@i-cloudinc.com.