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BrandCrowd Targets $1.25B “Goldmine” of Unused Portfolios, Offers Top Designers $5,000

Recently launched online logo marketplace BrandCrowd.com is offering $5,000 to top logo designers in an effort to monetize $250M to $1.25B worth of unused portfolio designs

BrandCrowd.com – the world’s largest marketplace for ready-made logos and brands – has launched a promotion to entice the world’s best logo designers to upload their unused portfolio designs to BrandCrowd. BrandCrowd estimates logo designers around the world create, in aggregate, at least 1.25 million logo designs every year that are not used by clients. At a value of $200 to $1,000 per logo, BrandCrowd estimates the combined worth of these logos to be between $250M and $1.25B.

The six-week long “Upload to BrandCrowd” promotion aims to encourage leading logo designers to monetize their unused portfolio designs by joining the BrandCrowd website and uploading their to the logo marketplace. BrandCrowd is offering $5,000 in prizes to the best designers who upload a logo before the 1st of March 2012 (as well as $10 for every 10 logos uploaded). Prizes include $2,000 for the best logo, $1000 for the most logos uploaded and $10 for every 10 logos uploaded.


Designers can enter upload/enter their logos for free via:


BrandCrowd (with over 50,000 uploaded logo designs) is already the largest ready-made logo marketplace but believes more designers are sitting on untapped goldmines. CEO of DesignCrowd (BrandCrowd’s parent company), said “BrandCrowd.com is aiming to revolutionize how logo designers sell logos. Our analysis suggests there's $1.25B of unused logos sitting in designer portfolios around the world and we want to help designers monetize this online. We believe some designers are sitting on portfolios worth $1M and we want to help them unlock the value of these assets."

Prizes will be awarded to BrandCrowd members after the promotion ends on 1st March 2012.

Contact Information

Alec Lynch, CEO BrandCrowd/DesignCrowd

Email: help@brandcrowd.com

About BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd (formerly Brandstack) was launched in April 2008 and is the world’s largest marketplace for ready-made brands and logo designs. BrandCrowd helps logo designers monetize their unused logo designs, brands and domains.BrandCrowd is owned by Australian crowdsourcing company DesignCrowd – which also operates DesignCrowd.com a leading marketplace for custom crowdsourced design and a sister website to BrandCrowd. In 2011, DesignCrowd received a $3M of investment from Starfish Ventures.