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Parkes interior stylist has the wow factor

Style Your Home With Karen Creith

Parkes-based businesswoman Karen Creith has gone from furniture retailer to creating a whole new career as an interior stylist and columnist, as well as editor-in-chief of her own magazine, Style Your Home With Karen Creith - all in a matter of months.
Karen created an innovative business concept that has made her business brand stand out from the crowd and she wants to share her insights to help others find success.
As part of a second-generation family furniture business, Karen knew they had to do something different to survive tough economic times. And thanks to Karen the business has gone from surviving to thriving.
“Our family business, Furniture One, has been around for 46 years and has a great following in Parkes, NSW, but I knew we needed to do something different to create more opportunities and expand our market share,” she said.
“I love decorating and having a furniture business gives us a unique point of difference. So I approached the local paper to see if I could write a column giving home decorating advice and tips – I also secured a spot on the local radio. The result of which brought a whole new group of clients through our doors.
“Similarly, we had built a lovely new home that had been styled within an inch of its life by me so I approached a regional magazine to have it featured, and then because it came up so well, I secured coverage in a national magazine.”
Before she knew it, Karen was writing regular columns on home styling for two national magazines - Modern Home and Home Ideas. Karen’s engaging content and cheeky titles like, The Art of Faking It and The Importance of Having a Good Shag, have proved a hit with the public and quickly led to the icing on the cake – her own magazine.
Style Your Home With Karen Creith magazine is an instructional guide to styling and is on sale nationally.
“My philosophy is that everyone deserves a beautiful home regardless of their budget. I absolutely love helping people to make their dreams become a reality and give them a home that they will love to come home to,” she said.
“What started out as an idea to create greater exposure for our business has erupted into opportunities I never dreamed possible – and the key was to just ask.
“My business messages are about being confident, fully utilising your skills and making the most of opportunities when they present themselves.”
Karen’s services range from complete design layouts that result in a furnished and completely styled and decorated home or advice on colours, kitchen and bathroom designs and renovations, to house staging.
“It’s endless the possibilities of how I can structure my service but at the end of the day I can give your home the wow factor it needs,” she said.
Karen is also a regular on several radio programs.
Karen also has her own online store which is stocked with lots of items to create an overall styled look. Visit the website at http://karencreith.com.au/