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Auctioneer's YouTube Plan Makes Mature Wine Buyers See Red

Wine auctioneers, Wickmans Fine Wine Auctions, are encouraging wine sellers to offer their wares on a new service the online wine auction house is developing via its YouTube channel

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – February 3, 2012 -- Wickman's have begun talks with a number of private winecollectors to develop a broader offering of wine related YouTube videos to encourage more people to purchase their wine online by reducing risk and making them more comfortable about the pedigree and history of their collections.

"A significant issue that most people have when buying any fragile, older wine at auction is the 'drinking window' and the surety that it has been stored well." said wine auctioneer Mark Wickman. "We intend to give our wine buyers as many visual clues as possible about its storage and history by videoing the actual processes we normally undertake when evaluating wine." Wickman said.

Videos of the actual cellars the wine have been stored in for the last few decades will accompany the lot description online as well as the opening and inspection of original cartons as they are presented to us, right down to organised tasting panels consisting of respected members of the wine community to establish if the wine in question is still within its drinking window.

"As far as we are aware, we are the first to offer this type of service for wine auctions in Australia if not for the world", Wickman said.

Wine Tasting Panel to determine drinking windows

Wine inspection for Various 1971 & 1970 Penfolds Grange + 1982 & 1977 Lakes Folly Cabernet:

Wine inspection for an unopened case of 1972 Penfolds Grange:


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About Wickman Fine Wine Auctions;

Distinguished by innovation and driven by passion, Wickman’s Fine Wine Auctions has been a lively and profitable meeting ground for wine buyers and sellers since 2003. A family business based in South Australia, Wickman’s prides itself on its position as a reliable resource with a well-spring of extraordinary values and opportunities.

Over the years, Wickman’s has continued to launch unique initiatives in an attempt to set the company apart from traditional online wine auction websites, introducing guaranteed provenance into Australian wine auctions and holding regular wine tasting events and dinners for its members.