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Australia’s latest digital women’s magazine to launch March 8

Expect the extraordinary with Golden Pen magazine

The publishers of Australia’s latest digital women’s magazine say readers can expect something extraordinary when it is launched on International Women’s Day, March 8.

“We have invited experts in their fields to contribute and we know that this magazine will offer something a little different,” according to publishing editor Hayley Solich.

Golden Pen Magazine™ is a women's magazine focused around the principles of sustainability, empowerment, innovation and creativity, embracing knew technology by integrating multi-media.

“We live in a world that is rapidly changing and where we are faced daily with challenges. Golden Pen Magazine™ seeks to capture the wisdom for many aspects of life, so that we can pass it on that more people may experience true abundance,” Mrs Solich said.

“Our intention is to empower our readers in whatever way that we can. We also want to challenge people to think. It is particularly fitting we should launch the magazine on International Women’s Day, as we will be featuring so many extraordinary women and their wisdom in this issue.”

So what can you expect in this inaugural issue? Paralympian and motivational speaker Jessica Smith, shares her body image video and story; Frances Carrington, owner/designer of label Eternal Creations reveals how she is changing the landscape for Tibetan refugees and Comedian and Campaigner, Julie Gale, talks children, sex and the need for tighter regulation of advertising.

There will also be clues on how to find your flare in your home as shared by Interior Stylist, Karen Creith or discovering what your relationship with money is like as shared by Financial Educator, Christine Camp.

In all there will be 88 pages of ‘pure wisdom’ for you enjoy at your leisure from your laptop, desktop, ipad or mobile phone. Golden Pen Magazine will be portable and easy to navigate, presented in a magazine flip page reader for your convenience, with the options to print should you so desire,” Mrs Solich said.

“Subscriptions are now available. Once the magazine is launched, you will receive an email notifying you that your copy is ready for viewing. If you subscribe for 12 months you will join the exclusive Golden Pen Subscriber’s receiving extra information about our featured guests, special offers from our sponsors, and details of all our competitions, discount vouchers and prize giveaways.”

All advertising enquiries should be directed to Andrew Crawford on 0413 452 452.

For more information and further comments contact Hayley Solich on 0401 040 008 or go to http://www.goldenpen.com.au