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Numac provide renewable energy source with biodegradable plastic liner

Announcement posted by Numac Drilling Services Australia 02 Mar 2012

Numac first to launch in Australia 100% biodegradable plastic liner

header-bg.gifNumac recognizes the impact that our business has on the environment and the need to adopt both products and practices that are more socially and environmentally sustainable.

Numac CEO Ross Raymond said, “Although we are a relatively small business in the scheme of things we all face the same global problems, and our action and behaviours are also part of the global solution”.

In 2011 Numac pushed over 15,000 metres of plastic soil sample liners, used to collect a soil sample using direct push drill rigs. This amount of plastic contains enough energy to power 5 average houses* for a year. Once used, however, the liners are discarded and ultimately end up in landfill where they will remain for centuries, their energy lost because they are a non-biodegradable plastic.

“We knew we could do something to improve this situation, so we did” said Ross.

Numac is proud to be the first in Australia to provide the BioLiner™, a plastic liner that will biodegrade when discarded into landfill. This is good news on a couple of fronts. Future generations won’t have to endure our plastic waste. And the energy from the plastic will now be able to be recovered through gas collecting landfills.

BioLiners™ (biodegradable liners) are the same as normal PVC disposable liners, but are augmented with an additive, Ecopure™, which allows natural bacteria in a landfill to break down the material.

BioLiners™ have been tested for non-leaching using the EPA 8260 test for volatiles and EPA 8270 test for semi-volatiles.

Instead of centuries of unfriendly waste, with BioLinersTM Numac now offers an environmentally responsible alternative that will biodegrade away in just a few years**.

* Based on an average house using 18kwH per day in Australia

** Biodegradation time varies depending on landfill moisture, bacteria present, and temperature

Numac is a privately owned specialist provider of drilling, site divestment & remediation services to environmental and geotechnical consulting firms across the eastern seaboard of Australia. Untiring customer service, deep knowledge, and a passion for doing it right every single time underpin all that we do.


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