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Making Podcasts Mainstream

Australia Podcaster uses old media method in new media

Ask Find Buy launched the podcast "Making Business and Sales Work" almost a year ago. It took the traditional route to find an audience listing the episodes in ITunes and other directories and using social media like Facebook and Twitter. This resulted in an audience that was already (at least a little) tech savvy. Ask Find Buy was after traditional small business people, people that are spending all their time building their business. These people are not the traditional podcast listeners. So Ask Find Buy went for an old school approach and took the show on the road.

Working in conjunction with the Ettamogah Hotel in Kellyville Ridge Ask Find Buy in February started doing live recordings in front of a live audience. This has become known as the "LIVE @ the ETTA" series, Ask Find Buy will invite a guest presenter to cover a topic of interest. The presenters have been "Rob McHugh from the SBS TV Series Comedy School, Dr Graeme Salter a mobile technology lecturer and Stephen Dillon from InvisibleInk. The shows are highly interactive. After the presenter has completed their talk the audience is invited to joining on a round table discussion. These round tables are not scripted and go in all directions covering topics as varied as the most hated TV commercials to "the Ratman of Bankstown".

Ask Find Buy takes the recordings of the presentation and round table discussion and publishes them as a series of podcasts over the internet. Audience members that take part in the round table are given full credit in the podcast and the accompanying show notes. Round Table attendees are allways encourage to do a shameless plug for their business at the end of the recording.

Craig the presenter of Making Business and Sales Work says, "We are interested in reaching small business owners that don't leverage the internet and should. By their participation in the recording they are gaining a following in the podcasting community and they don't even know it".

Craig went on to say "We encourage everyone to get along to one of the recordings, they are fun and you may meet your next great business contact. The calender of recordings can be found on www.meetup.com, just search for 'Making Business and Sales Work' ".

These podcast recordings demonstrate that podcasting is not going away and that it has transformed into "On Demand" or "Subscription" Radio.

Recordings of "Making Business and Sales Work" can be found on Itunes or at www.askfindbuy.com/blog/