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Sydney Social Media Marketing Agency Urges Australian Businesses to Face the Social Media Challenge

Cloud Public Relations says local businesses should build a social media presence before their competitors do

A social media marketing agency in Sydney, Cloud Public Relations, has set out to help local businesses use social media as an online marketing tool to increase sales and awareness of their business.

Cloud Public Relations aims to help small businesses understand the power of social media marketing.

“Last year, Australians were recognised as the number one users globally of social media,” says Sonja Bertrand, Director of Cloud Public Relations.

“This presents a unique marketing opportunity for local businesses.”

Over 10.5 million Australians are currently registered on Facebook and more than 75% of the national population are using the internet to shop.

The Sydney social media marketing agency is urging businesses to embrace these changes and start thinking about their own social media presence.

“The reality is that over the last few years, rapid changes in technology and the growth of the internet have meant that the way we live, communicate and do business has changed irrevocably,” says Sonja Bertrand.

“If you don't start to embrace these changes, your business or organisation will no longer be able to compete with those competitors whohave, and who are using the latest, cutting-edge online technologies and marketing tools.”

Businesses wanting to build an online presence should begin by creating a comprehensive social media strategy plan, which will ensure that the social media campaign is strategic and has a clear Return on Investment (ROI).

According to Cloud Public Relations, the best social media platforms for small businesses are Facebook, Twitter and Google+.