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Softlink extends OverDrive eBook distribution to Corporate and Academic libraries

Softlink, leading developer of Content and Library Management Systems is now distributing the OverDrive eBook and audiobook service to Corporate and Academic libraries in Australia.

Corporate and academic libraries in Australia are now able to obtain the OverDrive eBook and audiobook service from Softlink as an integral part of their knowledge and resource management systems. OverDrive is the world’s most popular platform for lending and managing digital content, offering over 300,000 eBooks, audiobooks, music, and video titles in Australia.

Softlink began distributing the OverDrive platform to Australian schools last year, and are pleased to extend the service to the wider library community.

“Softlink has recognised the shift towards digital content and our current focus is to create more opportunities for libraries to offer users 24/7 information access on any device,” said Mr Hillary Noye, Softlink’s Director of Business Development Asia Pacific.

“With our Liberty Information Management Solution and the OverDrive service, Softlink can provide an inclusive resource solution for libraries to digitise their collections and connect with today’s mobile users.”

Softlink’s Liberty System seamlessly integrates with the OverDrive platforms, offering streamlined access to the digital collection.

Joining the School Download Library product will be the Corporate and College Download Library platforms, which are now available from Softlink.

OverDrive supports most mobile and desktop operating systems including: Windows, Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Sony Reader, Kobo™ eReader, Android™, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone (Kindle coming soon).

For more information on the OverDrive service, email sales@softlinkint.com or visit: http://www2.softlinkint.com/?au/overdrive_main