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Dimac showcases innovative machine tool accessories to drive shops’ productivity

Dimac Tooling will take advantage of the captive audience at Australia’s leading trade show for the machine tool and metalworking industry, Austech 2012, and showcase an array of new products and solutions for efficient machining on CNC machining centres, lathes and mills, designed to make for simpler, more economical machining operations.

Visitors to Dimac’s Stand (D116) can experience how clear visibility of the machining process can increase their productivity, especially during intensive coolant use. Since modern machines prevent the door being opened during operation for safety reasons, a so-called “windscreen wiper”, or “spin window”, which cleans the window by centrifugal forces, can be the solution for a clear view. The spin window is designed to provide visibility into machines with coolant system pressures of up to 80 bar, such as those found on through-tool coolant delivery systems. It comes standard with carbon-coated glass for resistance to chip activity and low maintenance cost.

Machine shops can also reduce costs and at the same time increase productivity through proper coolant maintenance. “Three major forces are making us take better care of our coolants,” Mr Fowler explains. “First, coolants are becoming more expensive. Second, the increasing cost of labour means they are more expensive to take care of. Third and finally, the cost of disposal keeps increasing. In order to keep our coolants working properly for years we have to understand how they work, and why they go bad. Once you understand what is going on, you can expect to use a coolant sump for years before it will need changing or major maintenance.”

The Dimac team will explain all aspects of coolant management and maintenance to interested visitors at their stand, and demonstrate the latest additions to their coolant maintenance product portfolio, including the upgraded Zebra Oasis Coalescer System. The Zebra Oasis portable coalescer extends the life of coolant and tooling and prevents shop mist or any health issues.

Separating and removing tramp oil is key to the longevity of any coolant. The Oasis is an all-in-one system with a small footprint and not only separates tramp oil, it also includes the added benefits of suspended particle filtration and odour control.

Moreover, as an established CNC machine tools accessories supplier in Australia and New Zealand, Dimac Tooling offers more than just a wide portfolio of products and solutions. “We support our customers and markets firstly by providing durable, easy-to-use machine tool accessories specifically tailored to the needs of the Australian manufacturing industry, and secondly with custom-workholding solutions,” says Dimac Director Paul Fowler.

He encourages Austech visitors to use the opportunity and talk to the Dimac Team during the show to find out how they can help improve operations. “The correct workholding selection can increase manufacturing process stability, efficiency and safety,” Mr Fowler explains. “An efficient manufacturing process not only requires good machine selection and proper cutting tools, but also the right workholding. The first two areas typically receive substantial consideration, but workholding is often overlooked.”

For even more efficiency and flexibility, Dimac introduces the Kitagawa TJ series trunnion rotary table, which puts 5-axis capabilities well within the reach of the average job shop. Available in two configurations with a 380mm plate, the trunnion bolts directly to the table of a 3-axis machining centre and can be easily removed when not needed.

For more information please visit www.dimactooling.com.au.