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Unravelling the benefits tangled up in the ‘big data’ ball of string

Qubit Consulting signs MoU with Nextgen for InfiniteGraph distributed graph database software

Sydney, Australia, 13th April 2012: Australia-based systems integrator Qubit Consulting has added a new focus to its systems integration (SI) portfolio: big data.

Qubit Consulting has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with distributor Nextgen Distribution to use the InfiniteGraph distributed graph database software produced by Objectivity Corp.

InfiniteGraph is one of the first data management alternatives to traditional relational databases and centralised server architectures. It overcomes the fundamental limitation of traditional relational databases and business intelligence (BI) systems in today’s age of increasingly large amounts of data interconnected by complex relationships: they cannot scale.

This will especially be the case in applications such as medical records, analysing Internet traffic, large-scale e-commerce, military and security analysis, and scientific research.

John Jones, Director of Qubit Consulting, said: “The sheer quantity of data being produced today presents insurmountable challenges for traditional relational databases. Different tools are required.

“And while some data warehousing vendors have been dealing with large volumes of data for a while, a different set of approaches have emerged to tackle these problems head-on, MapReduce being the most common.

“However, where a clear understanding of the relationships between data elements is required, graph databases offer an excellent complementary solution. As data sets grow in size, organisations wishing to analyse these data will turn to hybrid combinations of Relational, MapReduce and Graph approaches. For example, MapReduce may be used to create a data set from a large number of logs and the resulting set used to populate a graph database for further relationship analysis. In the big-data space, you can no longer simply rely on an RDBMS solution.

“Qubit Consulting helps organisations unravel this ‘big data’ tangled ball of string to tease out the often hidden stories.”

John Walters, Managing Director of Nextgen Distribution, said: “We’re a new company aiming to provide something special to Australian systems integrators and value-added resellers (VARs) even as the local SI sector continues to consolidate in number. As they themselves will confirm, competition is fierce from around the world, so they need to stand out.

“That’s what Qubit Consulting has done with this MoU with Nextgen. And it demonstrates how our own approach to providing value works: acting as a local distributor for world-class SI applications such as InfiniteGraph.”

Qubit Consulting has been in business for six years. Based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, its directors John Jones and Andrew Hayes, and many of its consultants, hail from Sun Microsystems.

Qubit Consulting specialises in Identity and Access Management, Service Oriented Architecture, and Enterprise Java-based solutions that turn high risk opportunities into projects delivered on time and on budget.

Over the past six years, Qubit Consulting has grown its operations on the back of engagements with Australian companies in the IT, financial services, commercial and telecommunications sectors.


For more information, visitwww.qubitconsulting.com.

For more information on InfinteGraph, go to http://www.infinitegraph.com/.

For more information on Nextgen Distribution, go to http://nextgendistribution.com.au/about-nextgen/.

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Alan Smith for Qubit Consulting, 0404 432 700
John Jones, Director, Qubit Consulting, 0404 815 874

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