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The dry cleaner that never sleeps

Never do the dry cleaning dash again

Now you never have to do the dry cleaning dash again.

Livingston Drycleaners has installed the Red Box system which means they are open 24/7.

The RED BOX lets you drop off and collect your dry cleaning any time – even after hours – day or night. Livingston Drycleaners are the only drycleaner south of the river to offer this fantastic service to its customers.

According to Geoff Meerwald from Livingston Drycleaners, you just deposit your garments whenever you like.

“We process your order at the first opportunity and alert you with an SMS when it is ready. You then collect your professionally cleaned and pressed garments, at a time that suits you. How convenient is that!”

“Our customers just love this service – they say it is awesome. Why not give it a try yourself?”

Other features of the RED BOX service include:

  • Touch Screen Operation, with Voice Prompts to guide you step by step
  • Bagging System and secure Chute to drop off garments
  • Basic Dry Cleaning Price List available on screen
  • Prepay by Credit Card at drop-off
  • SMS Notification when your order is ready
  • Automated conveyor collects garments with barcode accuracy
  • After Hours Help is just a phone call away.

The RED BOX provides the convenience of drop off and pickup of dry cleaning after hours, or when the counter is busy and you are in a hurry.

The entire system is totally secure, easy to use and there is no extra charge for using the RED BOX as standard dry cleaning prices apply for basic items.

“The Red Box has added a whole new level of service to our already fully range of dry cleaning, specialist wedding dress dry cleaning and other on-site services including alterations and repairs,” Mr Meerwald said.

“With Livingston Drycleaners your special items are handled by professionals with more than 40 years of specialist dry cleaning experience.

“We offer tailored cleaning solutions for each individual item, based on our knowledge of the best way to treat all fabrics and types of clothing. Our exceptional stain removal skills ensure we can get out almost any stain and then we hand-finish your item for an outstanding finish.

“With the perfect combination of care and the latest technology, we look after your items like they are our very own.”

Livingston Drycleaners are located at Shop 16 Livingston Marketplace, Canning Vale, Perth, Western Australia, 6333.

For more information contact Livingston Drycleaners on (08) 9455 6333 or visit their website at http://www.livingstondrycleaners.com.au